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  1. the "runway" option is for landing without parachutes (so on wheels)
  2. peridoot is here to kerbal. so hi i guess
  3. the challange is simple: make the smallest aircraft possible in stock KSP (you can use DLCs) RULES: must have some form of part that can generate lift (like a evelon) can be manned or unmanned must be able to land in any way (water, runway, parachutes, etc.) you can use part clipping (my smallest plane uses part clipping anyway) !!!!MUST FLY FOR AT LEAST 30 sec!!!! no flag lift exploit. i recommend including a kerbal X link for the craft to validate the submission MUST INCLUDE EITHER SCREENSHOTS OR VIDEO OF THE FLIGHT NO CHEATS !!!MUST ROVIDE ONE OF THE SPECS PROVIDED IN THE LEADERBOARDS!!! Now fly! badge: badge can only be achevied if you qualifiy. i am judging these planes right now. is i say its allowed in the judge post, you can have my MS painted badge
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