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  1. procedral engines you have to build every componet of a rocket engine the turbo pumps the bell the combustion chamber the ingiter EVERYTHING and you have to worry abot realsitc engine simulations like ullage and reliablity AND EXPANSION RATIOS ARE A THING!
  2. it has returned after 7 months of waiting!
  3. 5/10 see you a couple of times ill make it more intense dont tempt me
  4. 10/10 *russia intensifies*
  5. yes bring back my peri-dots
  6. the local drunk russian wizzard 10/10
  7. why are there so many plane storys
  8. YET using diamond essence you can repair any gem while yes lasing damage can happen with the example of pink pearl having a craked eye but a healed gem ALSO! PERIDOT THEMSELF SAID IN THE SHOW THAT PERIDOTS ARE DECENTLY TOUGH GEMS!
  9. no problemo! im always happy to help anyone in anyway i can snd looking through the modlist i cant find anything that i think would cause it so i mae have been a one ff glitch in the focus code.
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