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  1. hjggjhghjguhghjg does that count? (Space Shuttle Rookie) (thhat counts)
  2. you can critize a video game rocket engine for being over expanded by looking at the plume teach me your ways
  3. EXCEPT! heres the thing if you were pain attetion to the wiki you would have seen this:"When the physical body of a Gem is seriously injured, they will retreat into their gemstone to regenerate. This is one of the only times Gems can make permanent changes to their physical form." and this: "The only way to destroy or "kill" a Gem is to destroy their gemstone. However, a shattered gemstone can be put back together. This has been shown in Fragments and Homeworld Bound, when Steven repaired Jasper after he inadvertently shattered her [7], and Yellow Diamond repaired gems who were part of her cluster experiments. They still retain cracks on their gems, and to cure their effects they need to be healed." so just destorying my body woudnt do anything wait i almost forgot: "Gems' humanoid shapes are projections from their gemstone which can be changed at will, described as being "like a hologram, but with mass," with their only constant feature being their gemstone and color scheme"
  4. drunk russian wizzard vs reen space rock with a laser gun/ other things i think i win also gems dont have ears and no this dosent count nither does this
  5. 10/10 you were one of the first people to reply to my threads when my account was made
  6. seems simple enough! copyright souptime 2021
  7. https://steven-universe.fandom.com/wiki/Peridot
  8. 200 REP!

  9. almost 200 rep!

  10. i dont know try askin on their respective mod threads to see if they can help wait did this problem happen on previouss versions of ksp? are you using the most recent version of the mods? it could be that because 1.12 is pretty new the mods arent updated yet
  11. the jetpack seems to have a trrottle and this also happens in stock ames
  12. fine i will just to prove itsee im very human!
  13. ill actualy do it


    i did it


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