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  1. I would do it myself, but I would like to know the order of the details
  2. Is there any craft without LV? There are so many mods on my weak laptop, I don't want to load it even more ...
  3. The screen does not want to be added in any way, so I'll just write the error text Machine loading error The machine has not been loaded because the following parts are missing: Canopus.fairing.s1.1
  4. Привет еще раз Я устанавливаю Pirs craftfile и пытаюсь открыть его. Но у меня ошибка с Канопусом. Обтекатель. S1.1 Что это значит?
  5. Octans size 0.5 docking port B (female) and male version(im genius, I write in russian. Sorry for this, but hope, you can understand, what im write, if you read before ) Now I have changed the save by deleting it with a bug and putting it before the bug
  6. Hi again I ran into a problem: when I press the "Undock" button, the ship does not undock, but it says in the menu that it undocked. What to do?
  7. Oh, it saddens that work has stopped. It really was a great mod, except for the aerodynamic gaps.May I know who Dylan Simrau is? What about DECQ and RADAR - I wrote to them, but they have not answered yet
  8. I see, then it remains to wait! Thank you for such a quick response, good luck with your case and mod!
  9. Hey! My question may sound unethical and annoying, but when, approximately, will the Planetside update be released and "Buran" will be added to SOCK? Sorry for this question ..
  10. Судя по скриншотам, мод отлично воссоздает Буран! Is there a chance to transfer the mod to a new version?
  11. I apologize for not answering for a long time. Will it be fixed, and if so, after approximately how long?
  12. Try to install the same tip as on the KerboArm on the rear of the fuselage (that is, on the back wall of the shuttle's cargo compartment). You need to put on the same level as the manipulator itself
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