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  1. OOOOH, ITS AWESOME! Can you please send a craftfile for my MAKS program?
  2. Hi! The mod is truly magnificent and this is what I was looking for! But what confuses me is the difficulty in creating launch pads for the ship. Will there be an alternative launch vehicle in the future? Or cooperation with Alphamensae's MLP?
  3. Benjee, its looks just great! But I'm wondering if there is a SLS in fashion? Or is a Redirect also needed?
  4. Oh, no, I thought I could do without it. I'll install it now, thanks!
  5. Hey! How install this mod? I put folder into Gamedata, but when i launch game and try repaint, for example, Columbia, i dont see repaint a elevon, payload bay, cockpit and other
  6. Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!Very,very thanks! Even though I forgot to put the TV camera in the trunk, the rover turned out very cool! Thank you!
  7. I repeat my question again: Does anyone have a working LRV craft file in conjunction with the Lunar Module? I need it urgently, but I can't get it on my own
  8. Okay, now i have another question:D Where i can find craftfile LM with LRV?....I just dont know how build and integrate LRV....
  9. Oh, thats awesome!Congratulate with this! I now check GitHub and dont see update with LRV...Maybe i some not understand?
  10. Guys,hi In which folder i can find bluedog.Delta.Fin part?It need for craftfile which i download
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