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  1. i downloaded the one that works with 1.11.2 (my version) and there is no _local
  2. i may have misspelled something but spacex ksp the guy that does every spacex mission in ksp he told me to download module manager module manager is working tho and no i dont have _local in my gamedata and i dont know how to get _local
  3. will ksp 1 still get updated when ksp 2 comes out?
  4. will owners of ksp 1 get ksp 2 for free???
  5. yea i forgot dres
  6. is it possible to make a rover with the smallest wheels? because they have no brakes
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2453055510
  8. yea because ive almost maxed out teir 5 without even reaching lko
  9. who plays on 1000% science rewards??? because i do and i think im the only one that does
  10. i really wish if there was like something to make your own planets like a planet maker dlc because there are not that many stock planets
  11. is it possible to dock / grab something in sun orbit?
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