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  1. Today, when I opened ksp, I noticed that the Swivel and Reliant engine models have been changed, but their restocked effects have also disappeared. Later I found them in other categories (like stock parts). I also noticed that the bobcat engine had restocked effects. Last time there was nothing like this and I did not delete, update or add any mods. Here is image with engines and my GameData folder. Can I fix this somehow?
  2. The very fact that random (I did not find any regularity in them) thumbs are missing really strange
  3. There are only thumbnails for my saved crafts
  4. This is what I found but many parts are missing
  5. I found parts icons in game files, and there are only few of them but I need all of them. I saw something like that on official wiki but they are looking not really like in-game icons
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