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    Cycling, pnp board games, pnp card games, hiking, hacking (building projects with single board computers) and generally messing with software and hardware on various devices.

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  1. I bought the game in 2013, played for a bit, as you said in sandbox, landed crewed missions on mum and minmus, built a basic station to practice docking on, then didn't play for 7 years. I downloaded the latest version a couple of weeks ago and been getting into it again. I'm enjoying the challenge of a limited but growing parts list.
  2. I installed restock, and it's definitely staying, although I did also install another restock mod that added 'missing parts'. I'm doing a science play through, and all the extra parts felt a bit cheaty, so I will remove that one mod for now. Thanks for the advice about performance, no one likes a game to run badly, but I have a fairly strong pc and all seems good right now.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I installed 'spectra' this evening, it seems to be behaving nicely. Restock sounds interesting for the parts, thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a all in one visual mod pack for version 1.11.2 that looks stunning ( I have a strong pc), but leaves gameplay vanilla (I'm a noob). Thanks
  5. Thanks. They are direct Comms, I just put my first relay sat up around Mun, I posted that mission report also.
  6. I plan to put some relays up, but I still learning the basics. This was an exercise for me in accurate orbital manoeuvres, an it will help a little when on the far side.
  7. I'm still taking baby steps, but after landing my first probe on Minmus this morning, I'm happy to have put my first relay satellite in a nice orbit around Mun, this evening. I was more interested in the 3 hour period than being exactly circularised. Not a full network, but it will help a little while I learn how to insert others.
  8. Ok, thanks, I did look where to post it ..... now I know.
  9. I managed my first probe landing on Minmus and my probe started to fall over, so I hit the gas, moved to a flat site and ran out of fuel. I landed at 10m/s with no damage, all in the name of science.
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