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  1. Happy New Year everybody.

  2. Happy New Year.

    1. Caerfinon


      Another solar orbit achieved! Happy New Year to you as well. 

  3. I am a bit late and it has been awhile. But happy 5000 birthday.

  4. Today I turned 4,000 likes old. How the times have flown.

  5. My Avatar hates snakes.

  6. You said: Is me being everywhere a bad thing?

    No, it is a good thing. It is nice to see someone actively participating and it also means that for games there are more than just 2 members playing, which is a very good thing.

  7. Over 2000, where has the time gone? :)


  8. Updated and in message.

  9. Must be a trend going for new avatars. Space Calvin you shall be missed.

    1. Spaceman.Spiff


      Don’t worry, he’ll be back someday!

      @KSPStar was so kind as to make a kerbalized version!

    2. Stormpilot


      Darn I missed the chance to get a kebalised Rasputin!

  10. Happy almost up to 40. (I have read 2 posts where you mention you are almost there now) Enjoy your eyesight while you have it because after 40 it gets a little worse each year (I speak from experience.)

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    2. ColdJ


      1 and 2 very sad. Sorry you have had to go through that. 3 counting the days.

      Astigmatism I know very well, had it since I was a teenager but didn't realise what it was till an eye check mentioned it, I always thought that everybody saw street lights with long sharp streaks of light coming out of them. It's the having to wear glasses just to read a normal size print book that gets me down. So enjoy what you got while you got it. :)


    3. AlamoVampire


      Thanks :) I kinda enjoy the spikes on lights, idk why, but they have always been fun to see. I wear glasses to watch tv or use my computer but right now as I type, im glasses free as im about to try to sleep. Yup at 1302 im tryin to sleep lol. Such a bad sleep sched. But fwiw i dont mind the glasses but do feel kinda free w/out them too. Ill enjoy what i got as long as i can. But time will tell what happens lol.


    4. Stormpilot


      I have a negative 9 prescription on both eyes. My glasses act almost as safety goggles. I’m thinking about contacts as since they are closer to the eye they don’t need to be as thick and heavy.


  11. My Avatar is teaching at the Kerbal Top Gun academy.

  12. Never sure when the replies merge but I have put the link in the last message.

  13. Another birthday passed. To think I am now over 1500, I remember a millenia passing like it was yesterday.

  14. Using a fork of blender without using a tutorial can make you feel really stupid. I have been able to create things by using pre-exsisting stuff but any time I try to build from scratch the models just disappear when you export them. I handn't learned to crawl when I jumped off that cliff, flying by fluking thermals but the ground is rising fast.

  15. Yes. You are over 10,000. Congrats. I wish I had been here to see the transition.

    1. adsii1970


      Me, too! I noticed it a couple of hours ago. Guess that teaches me to go to sleep! :cool:

      I have full confidence that, if you continue to be as active as you are, you will hit 10k in reputation, too. ;)

  16. In honour of @Caerfinon's and @Angel-125's great work, my Avatar is now wearing a wet suit to go diving.

    1. Stormpilot


      Ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land…

  17. Please look here for your smoke trail.


  18. Hi Ben. I would have to check it out, but I think you could reconfigure a separatron with no thrust and a longer burn time to give you a reasonable smoke trail device to attach to your plane.

  19. Hi. I was hoping to use KSP Wheel on a wheel that rotates around the hub and has no suspension arm visible. When I try, the rotation point always seems to end up around the edge of tyre on the mesh. Is there a setting in the config I can adjust to bring the rotation point back to the centre? Thank you for your help.

    The wheel in question is the Moon buggy wheel from MajorTom69's Space1999 mod pack.

    https://spacedock.info/mod/1373/Space 1999 Eagle Transporter 3 Pack


  20. Trying not to jinx it, but with a new 750w power supply I might be back.

  21. Hi. My computer is back to not getting as far as bios. I am going to have methodically try to work out what hardware problem I have and see if I can find a way to replace components. So won't be here much. Hope you are all well. Take care of yourselves.

  22. It was quiet, too quiet, so quiet you could here a thread being pulled. I lived my life a bottle at a time and right now I was aging fast. Just then, there was a knock on the forum index and a dame walked in with greenest skin and the reddest lips you ever saw. Her name was Val, and I could tell by the size of her head that she had a good one. She said she had a job for me, apparently the pips she had earned had disappeared and she was hoping I could find them. I said "That sounds like a job for the Moderators" She said that she had tried but there was nothing they could do. I wanted to refuse, but when she looked at me with her huge eyes I knew that I was locked into a path that I would probably soon regret.

  23. I saw your 555 just after I liked you to 556, sorry. :(

    1. Dientus


      LMAO :joy:


      Bad J! Bad J! Heh heh

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