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  1. So good. That looks amazing. I would love to be able to do this. I am decent at docking, my problem is that I am just not creative. I can’t come up with designs like this. I may steal some of your ideas and get something like this going. Let me ask, you move the ore on Minmus and then transport it to the station to refine? It looks truly awesome. Rylant
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. For things like Moho or Laythe, from the surface of Kerbin, land there, and return, you are looking at even more than 15 k, even is you are efficient, no? Rylant
  3. Hey all. So I am looking for a large Delta-V ship used for returning at least 3 Kerbals to Kerbin from long distance planets after landing on them. My problem is, that I am able to get to these distant planets, but I am notoriously wasteful with my Delta-V. I also REALLY dislike the horrible Thrust of the Nuclear engine. I have gotten probes to Eeloo, Moho and Jool, but not Kerbals. Are there viable 15k Delta-V designs out there that don’t use Nuclear? Or do I have to either, suck it up with nuclear, or figure out how to be more efficient with my burns? Rylant
  4. Hey all. So I have been progressing through my career mode and I have hit some of the mid To end parts? I have been to and back from Duna and Ike, Eve and Gilly (obviously didn’t land on Eve and return), to Dres and to Jool but haven’t returned yet. I am thinking about setting up some orbital fuel stations not only to help with interstellar travel, but to take on a big project which might be fun. So obviously a Kerbin orbital fuel station would be a good idea. For then, would you mine the Mun or Minmus to restock or? Or would you just tanker more fuel up from Kerbin? Also, is a
  5. Is this calculating correctly? I am noticing several of my windows are off quite significantly. It is quite possible I am missing something is the settings however. Rylant
  6. Interesting. Thanks all. I have installed Alarm Clock as suggested. It is a great idea which definitely should be vanilla. Let me ask. I see it has built in transfer windows. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but the windows seem off a bit. I used the alarm clock for a Dres encounter from Kerbin, but found that when alarm clock told me to go, the suggested time was off by like 35 days. I am sure I am just missing something here. Rylant
  7. Hey do you guys send huge ships with lots of Kerbals to plant flags on planets for xp? I have a couple good Minmus/Mun vessels with a capacity of 7, so I can take 7 At a time to get xp from then. Whenever I land on Minmus, I always escape Kerbin space to get the orbit the Sun xp before returning. My Gilly and Duna ships only holds 3 Kerbals, so I either have to design and build bigger ships to send maybe 7 at a time to get the xp, or send lots of separate missions. Duna and Gilly missions can take game years. And my design skills aren’t great and bigger means less delta-v or bigger rockets, w
  8. Hey everyone. So my career play through is going well. For the first time ever, I am starting to hit some of the tougher encounters. I have entered the Jool system but have yet to land on any moons. Landed and returned from the Mun, Minmus, Gilly, Ike and Duna. Landed a probe on Eve. So one thing I am noticing is that if I plan a Duna mission, for example, I spent like a game year or even more not doing anything but that mission. I speed to the next maneuver or window. As you all know, this can be fast forwarding through months at a time. This means I am at like year 12 or something like
  9. So in my latest career, I have nearly maxed out the science tree and have been to Eve / Gilly and Duna / Ike. One of the last contracts I took was establishing a surface base on Duna. It was your typical “Capacity for 9 Kerbals, Stable for 10 seconds, etc”. There was a couple of other criteria. I have a similar base on Minmus and the Mun, but obviously the distance to, and landing on Duna makes it significantly more difficult. So I modify my current surface station and booster and take a couple hours planning and executing the mission. Everything worked pretty well with only a few fairly minor
  10. I don’t use the mod KSP windows planner, but this site in conjunction with the interactive planetary guide really helped me too. You enter the current game date and where you are going to and from, and it tells you the date the next ideal window will be. https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ Rylant
  11. Hey all, So when visiting the various moons of the solar system, is there anything special to get an encounter with them? I am looking at heading to Ike. So is it just a normal visit to Duna, and from Duna’s orbit, burn to encounter Ike, hang out there until I am done. Then return to Duna orbit and go back to Kerbin? I assume you don’t look for an Ike encounter right from the orbit of Kerbin? I also know that Jool has many moons. I am not ready yet to reach them but was wondering if it is the same for them. Jool orbit, and then off to Vall or Tylo? Thanks Rylant
  12. Thank you both. Super helpful. Rylant
  13. Hey everyone, So I am progressing well through my career mode and have done an Eve visit and Gilly landing and am heading to Duna now. I was considering a Apollo type Duna landing in which I have a crew of 1 stay in orbit in the return vessel while a crew of 2 visit the surface for science and planting a flag. Then return to the mother ship and return to Kerbin. I assume the Kerbal in the orbiting ship will not get credit for the flag planting? This probably makes sense, but i just wanted to double check. Thanks, Rylant
  14. Thanks FG. And thanks everyone. I will say that I have Mechjeb installed but I try to not use it. I read on how I need to burn and try to come up with the maneuver myself. If I can’t figure it out, I ask Mechjeb and see how it figured it. I know it’s cheaty, but I can live with it. Rylant
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