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  1. Very interesting..... Can't wait for the next installment!
  2. Ooooooh, magic boulders now! The mystery deepens... I am on edge for the next chapter!
  3. I would like to see this as an option, but I would understand that it might not make it: most players find flying hard enough without having gale-force winds and thunderstorms to deal with. However, I wish there could be a tab which allows you to switch it on for planets with an atmosphere, as it would make it rather interesting...
  4. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has seen the recent news report that Elon Musk has asked the developers of KSP for help with "what SpaceX might be doing wrong" when it comes for colonization of Mars (or something to that effect). I didn't know which subforum to place this in, but I just wanted to know what everyone thought about it
  5. @Wizard Kerbal I would recommend to just finish. Just keep adding bits on to whatever you are working on. And it's important to not judge the product until it is completely finished. Don't torture yourself over it, and if you feel that you really can't do anything with it, put it on a shelf for a rainy day. Perhaps one day you will recover the motivation to finish it. I know that that has happened to me. Keep all the rough drafts. And don't be afraid to share them or ask people for ideas, be they a forum poster or your family. And most important: it can only go well if you are having FUN with it.
  6. Thanks a lot! Lookin' forward to the next chapter!
  7. Hello, @Angel-125! Great story here, I'm really enjoying it! Could you possibly tell me which mods are used for the Pheonix SSTO? I have had a look through some of them, and it looks like Knes, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks! and keep up the good work!
  8. I was trying to make a small kerbalized version of the delta 4 heavy, nicknamed the Kelta 4 light. 5 seconds after lift-off, the ship veered too far north and tipped over. The resulting explosions tore off the lower stages, leaving a payload fairing with a remote guidance unit inside plus a clamp-o-tron docking port. I released the fairing, with my craft facing head down about to smash into the ground at over 60m/s. Then, as it landed the clamp-o-tron absorbed the shock of impact and the remote guidance unit plus 1000 units of electric charge battery bank were saved. So now I know what to do i that ever happens again! BTW The clamp-o-tron didn't survive the landing
  9. Oh dear, do I sense an Insight Lander-esque loss of power? Only time will tell... (Good luck Usagi-11!)
  10. All throughout the past week I have been experimenting with reusable rockets, and now I have decided to allow an insight through all the developments, successes and failures of my new rocket program! I will try to upload new material as quickly as possible. This is inspired by SpaceX's Starship program, but Kerbalized. I hope you have as much fun as I did reading this! PS: Everything that is documented here actually happened with no "scripted" hiccups and explosions. A full blueprint of a proposed fully-reusable craft was drawn up and the testing would take place in stages, starting with the engines... Starting off, a small tank-like structure used to test a new-radical engine: the KS-25. The development team produced this with onw goal in mind: it had to have enormous gimbal to deal with the large boosters and being able to land them. The first prototype would be named K1 - all mission ready craft would receive the designation KN --. The first test went well to begin with: the three KS-25 engines ignited without any issues, and the gimbal seemed to be enough as it manoeuvred over the grassland near the space-centre. However, as it began the landing sequence, disaster struck. The engines over-gimballed and the craft plunged into the ground, destroying most of it. https://imgur.com/a/46wQDu8 The team was unfazed by this disaster and began work on the second prototype. The second test went perfectly, as the craft took off, moved around and hovered, and then landed. The team immediately started work on the next stage of the project. https://imgur.com/a/biLFMTR The next stage will be published in the next few days, following the startling progress of the new program and full K1 prototype, ready for the first mission by the end of August if all goes well.
  11. I would think that the 's should be italicised otherwise it would look a bit off. But then that could just be my eyes, but i think it looks better all italicised.
  12. Very nice @Wizard Kerbal! That gives you a solid 500 points. Unfortunate about the save file (happens all the time to me as well) I have updated the leaderboard now. (Also kinda hard to see the image - i know what that's like)
  13. Alright, here are the updated points: Stage 1: Capture a tiny asteroid (A, B) - 100 points Stage 2: Capture a medium-sized asteroid (C, D) - 200 points Stage 3: Capture a huge asteroid/small comet (E, F) - 500 points Stage 4: Capture a massive comet (G) - 750 points Stage 5: Capture a Gargantuan comet (H, I) - 1000 points By "capture" I mean that a craft has to dock with it. Any craft will do. Moho - 2000 points Eve - 1500 points, Gilly - 4000 points Kerbin - 4000 points, Mun - 3000 points, Minmus - 3500 points Duna, Ike - 2000 points Dres - 1500 points Jool - 2000 points, Any moon of Jool - 3000 points Eeloo - 4000 points Also, there is a point multiplier for the size of the captured asteroid/comet: Tiny - x1 Medium - x2 Large - x5 Gargantuan - x10
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