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  1. When I tried to get a low orbit around Tylo (for photography purposes) but then realizing that the ground suddenly seemed a whole lot closer than I thought. Stopped the timewarp, but ended up 3km beneath the surface travelling at ~2000m/s. Luckily it was just a probe, but Mortimer back on Kerbin nearly had a heart attack. (It was one of my best and most expensive probe to date)
  2. I totally agree with @Hotel26 including the much-spoken line "what you learn on the way". It is there for the thrill of knowing that you managed to get there, against all the odds. It is one of the harder planets (dwarf or otherwise) and you can give yourself a jolly good pat on the back when you get there. For minimalist missions, this could be a real challenge. On Youtube Turbo Pumped (or someone like him) managed to get there and back for 1500 funds. I recommend watching that video before attempting to do it.
  3. Oops..... External command seat on its way! I think Jeb will be interested
  4. Here is my submission: I call it The Buggy and it REALLY goes. I am entering it for tests 1 and 2. Here are some pictures: https://imgur.com/a/OoejLE7
  5. Thank you very much @AlexinTokyo. It worked! Now I can go back to building my space stations. Thanks once again!
  6. I'm on it @Mukita12 race you!
  7. I use a HP which does only use "useful" functions on the F keys, a feature which I often curse, and for that reason I have replaced the ones I want most with others. BTW where in the settings do I find the button for F4?
  8. Tried both, F4 just toggles sound level on my computer, and I mean that even when I am 4km away I have to resort to map view to see where the target vessel is. The yellow box normally appears ~40km, am I right? Even when I have selected it as the target vessel, the yellow box doesn't show up. @FruitGoose I will try to reset the F4 control in the settings, I will get back on if it works, hopefully by the end of the day.
  9. I managed to get two rockets in close proximity to each other, however in this game I could not see the yellow lines that show where the rocket is and the distance from it. Do you know where they went or if I accidentally switched them off? I do have mods and here is a list of them just in case one of them is the problem: B9partSwitch, Deployable engines, Flags, FuelTankPlus, HullCameraVDS, KerbalEngineer, Kerbaltek, ModRocketSys, ModularFlightIntegrator, NearFutureExploration/Propulsion/Solar/Spacecraft, SC Spacecraft Parts, StockWaterfallEffects, TarsierSpaceTech, Waterfall. Glad for any help that can be given!
  10. @Hotel26 don't worry about editing my designs. How have you found the handling in the air? Any modifications, please tell me, so I can update my own.
  11. @peridoot, have I qualified? No problem if I haven't.
  12. @Hotel26, what do mean by publishing it? A craft file, or a run down of how to make it?
  13. I have given this some thought, and I have decided to retire from the competition. I have done much better than I expected, and I will settle for what I have done. Thank you @Kerminator K-100 for the great challenge, it was exciting and fun! Philae_Rosetta2021 signing out and wishing everyone a very good day!
  14. Okay no problem. I thought that it was a bit over the mark with the speeds I will try again and try and bring back proof of survival. BTW, the Laythe thing was ages ago and I wasn't planning on submitting it. Just shows what interplanetary approaches can do.
  15. Here is my Small Aurora Space Station https://imgur.com/a/6BZ8Nbo And my larger Aquila Space Station https://imgur.com/a/8HLgiml
  16. It doesn't say anything about having to keep your craft alive in the rules I thought that it didn't say anything about keeping it alive in the rules...
  17. Well, I ran all the way almost to Minmus' orbit, then when under 50km, solid boosters! all the way till i exploded. But I thought that you didn't have to stay in 1 piece to complete the challenge?
  18. I have done it. Ballistic mode at 43,000m. The results speak for themselves: 13,472m/s over land, according to the results. https://imgur.com/a/u12nqZG
  19. I think this will end up in a contest between the two of us eh? Hats off to you for beating my original score, by the way. Very well done.
  20. Here is my first attempt, fully stock. It is small, fast, and scarily manoeuvrable. You can only stall if you go slower than 35m/s, but even then, it is so light that you can recover it very easily. It even surprised me. https://imgur.com/a/UiNgmsw Here is my first bomber, also very manoeuvrable. https://imgur.com/a/oqK2Wxm
  21. Is this a challenge? As in, do you have to make them as big as you can, small, crazy or cool? Anyway, here is my Aquila Space Station: https://imgur.com/a/qKCeFSZ And my Aurora Space Station: https://imgur.com/a/prsHbCg Hope You like them PS Yes the mystery goo on my aurora space station IS rotating
  22. Okay, time to bring my game up I see. Let's go for 7000ms Onwards and Upwards!!! (or rather, faster and more horizontal ) Let's try ballistic. Which reminds me, I managed to get 7200, while (trying) to get to Laythe a few months back. Pity I didn't screenshot it. (Don't ask about the lander)
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