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  2. Oh yes im back. Atmo heating should be done with 100% and plasma blackout should be on. Gravity should also be set to normal.
  3. Not posting in a while does not mean i'm inactive! @Spaceman.Spiff?
  4. Yes, astra's really SpaceY, math stuff, x and y axis, you know (Scott Manley made this meme)
  5. So this is a flyby attempt, still, impressive! 1.473 tons to Mün flyby!
  6. Our engineers at the Experimental Engineering Group, NFS Areospace and the Kerbin World Firsts Record Keeping Society wants to know how small of a ship can carry a crew member to the Mün and back, without docking with anther station or mothership. We want you to built a light/inexpensive ship that carries 1 kerbal and is capable of flying by, orbiting or landing on the Mün, while returning the kerbal home safely. Contract Information: Enter SOI of the Mün (REQUIRED) Do a flyby OR enter orbit OR land (REQUIRED) (AT LEAST 1) Bring the kerbal home safely (REQUIRED) TIME: Finish mission by September 30 2021. Contract Rules: - No exploits such as using the controller - No bug abusing - CTRL F12 is not allowed. Contract Requirements: - New vessel must be built for this contract - New mission must be carried out - Screenshot required for flyby, orbit or landing attempt Contract Rewards: - When Finished: Mission Badge Ranking System: All submissions are ranked based on the ship's mass. 1 - camacju 1.47 tons (Flyby) 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - Accept ✔ Decline❌
  7. Sorry i thought the challenge is dead but im back! liiking foreward for more submissions
  8. HEH I WAS SLEEPING 12 HOURS AGO @Spaceman.Spiff?
  9. Basic is much worse than java. and why isnt anyone in my ksp challenge?
  10. It will lag because it's so intenstively modded. why is ksp not written in java?
  11. It depends on if you are dumb enough. Why is there a creeper in your house ready to explode?
  12. i occupied all of my docking ports on my space station
  13. Closed, new challenge comming soon *edit: i finally got a B A D challenge idea.* So, this month's challenge will be a bit harder. You will need to build a multi launch space station with more than 2 launches, DLC's are allowed and no mods (except graphics ones) are allowed. In this challenge, Mechjeb will not be allowed as it helps you rendezvous. There are a few class of stations: Light -- crew capacity of 3 to 8, with 2 to 3 docking ports. Medium -- crew capacity of 9 to 15, with 4 to 6 docking ports, contains a mobile processing lab. Heavy -- crew capacity of 16 to 25, 7 or more docking ports, contains a lab, and a cupola module. Super heavy -- crew capacity of more than 20, no less that 5 docking ports, orbiting another celestial body. REQUIRED PARTS: Probe core, batteries, reaction wheels, communication antennae, solar panels and radiators. Stations below the light specs will not be approved. This is mine: The NSS in all it's glory: The NSS is a class Heavy station in orbit around Kerbin . It has 9 docking ports and a crew capacity of 18. Note that I have 2 Soyuz, an Orion, a Shenzhou and a Sirius docked to it right now. It was constructed in 3 launches, 1 SLS B2 Cargo, and 2 Atlas V 541 launch. Badge: Also subscribe to my Youtube and join my discord! List of approved stations: Light Medium Heavy Sivako Aerospace Orbital VAB Nantares Skyhome Outpost Super Heavy Sivako Aerospace Venstar II QF9E Duna Saturn-V Station
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