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    ULA Launch Conductor And Delta Fanboy
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    On the MST for rollback!
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    United Launch Alliance rockets.
    e.g. Atlas, Delta, Vulcan.
    Also a Boeing Fan in general. doesn't matter if it's commercial aircraft or starliner, i like their products.
    If you can’t tell, I don’t really have a huge passion for SpaceX

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  1. Pretty sure it’s benjee10’s ReDirect.
  2. Any possibility you’ll add the new docking port cover?
  3. Oh god if this is bion I can’t wait (EDIT: I was incorrect. It’s not bion)
  4. Heh, no idea. I usually restart the game. It’s easier
  5. So if he’s no longer maintaining this, I’m wondering if TSC will be adopted at some point as well. good to know KSC extended will continue.
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