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    Also a Boeing Fan in general. doesn't matter if it's commercial aircraft or starliner, i like their products.
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  1. Update. for anyone that still uses this mod, I now have a somewhat clearer picture of how it loads your custom textures into the game. it’s very confusing, but basically, the (simplified) trick is to install the textures you want to install, load the game, quit the game, and then install a blank texture or some other random texture template. I refer to this as a “Push texture.” The textures you want will then load once you launch the game again. I have no idea why the mod works this way, but that’s my workaround (for now.)
  2. I don’t use a joystick or anything, and I find it incredibly hard to have precise and neat launches without MJ. It’s not that I couldn’t do it manually, it’s just that I don’t prefer to.
  3. Hi. I don’t know if the mod maker has been online, but I’m having a REALLY hard time getting my textures I’ve made to go into the game. No matter what, it just seems that they won’t show up. Is there anyone who can help? I have restarted the game after the patch is applied, I’ve restarted again, and again, and still nothing. I’ve gotten it to do it in the past, but it just seems inconsistent
  4. @Kartoffelkuchen Any plans on Reviving the Delta Or atlas part of launchers pack?
  5. I don't think this version is compatible with Ksp 1.7.1, but i could be incorrect. the new minimum version after the BDB 1.7.0 update became 1.8.1.
  6. CollectingSP's U.S. Ribbons Pack Ever wanted to award your kerbals with real-life awards, such as the congressional space medal of honor, or NASA's space flight medal? Well, Now you can. I am currently developing this pack to replicate every U.S. government award. At this time, the only awards included are NASA awards, but I plan to add more soon! Dependencies- Final frontier by @Nereid Is required for this ribbon pack. Download- Spacedock To install- Plop the contents of the "GameData" folder in the .Zip file into your KSP Game
  7. I feel that that’s a bit wrong to say about someone who’s working on like 5 things at once on top of school lol. anyways, he’ll have a 4th one released soon.
  8. It's a shame, really. As a ULA/Boeing fan, it's just sad. they lost the race at 3:22 PM on May 30th, 2020. almost a year ago at this point. now, they continue to fall behind. personally, it makes me infuriated, but SpaceX won, and I've got to hand it to them. I would BET that BOE-CFT falls to 2022. by that point SpaceX will have been flying crews for over two years. big issue with Starliner on atlas v is that there's only one launch integration facility, at SLC-41. it's a very active pad that's used for unmanned payloads as well, so there's not a ton of launch opportunities. Boeing says
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