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  1. Quick question- I’m seeing DSCS and GPS sats on the wiki. are these in the mod yet or are they kitbashed? sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve kept up with the development. edit- I see these are built with NFE and other parts. My bad.
  2. It’s been a second since I’ve been on the forums and posted something, but I second this. An atlas V revamp would be awesome.
  3. Pretty sure it’s benjee10’s ReDirect.
  4. Any possibility you’ll add the new docking port cover?
  5. Oh god if this is bion I can’t wait (EDIT: I was incorrect. It’s not bion)
  6. So if he’s no longer maintaining this, I’m wondering if TSC will be adopted at some point as well. good to know KSC extended will continue.
  7. Getting a .dll Error on startup in connection to this mod. using ksp 1.11.2 and the most recent version of this mod.
  8. I don’t think that they are- tantares doesn’t have a dedicated rassvet module
  9. In this tweet from @Zarbon44, a rassvet module is shown attached to his ISS. There is also one of the new Russian science modules attached to nauka. Does anybody know from which mods these parts are from?
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