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  1. Speaking of Kirbies, my science teacher happened to photoshop 3 of them to the Mun: https://www.deviantart.com/richmountain112/art/Kerbals-and-Kirbies-878690375
  2. Uh, the stock Mk1 pod is based off of Mercury, and the Mk2 pod is based off of Gemini (as of 1.11, making history required) Edit: I might try one from Eve, but I think it’ll explode if it’s not on top of a medium heat shield with Small Radiators clipped in...
  3. I got it on KSP Store. If you look on the KSP Store version, then select “Open Package Contents”, you should see some command prompt code that starts up the game when clicked on. I have no idea about the Steam version, though...
  4. Oh, I ran into this problem, too. There’s some command code that allows you to run the game. It’s in the contents of the app, I think.
  5. The Russian pods also create lots of Drag, which assists in slowing down, but as a trade-off, difficult to launch... without a fairing.
  6. What about Part Clipping? Another way to solve your drag problem, you could clip an Mk1 pod or Nose Cone into the top node and use that. If I had the Making History expansion, I would have clipped an Mk1 command pod into a Pea and use that for multi-kerbal missions.
  7. Welp, Always use a fairing (or clip the pod into the rocket and nose cone if you love part clipping) when you launch a KV-3 command pod.
  8. You could just strap some radiators to the Pomegranate reentry module, (which might block the airlock, making it necessary to have an orbital module and/or Inflatable airlock), then put a medium heat shield and offset said radiators to be on par with said heat shield. For the orbital module, put a decoupler (with the arrows pointing down), a probe core (for control when the soyuz is uncrewed), then an up-side down Pea or Onion. Too bad the latter doesn’t have an ejection seat like it did in real life, which I think it should have. For the Service module, I’d stack fuel tanks and put an engine
  9. The reason why Squad won’t add Soyuz parts to KSP... is the same reason Mojang won’t add furniture to Minecraft.
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