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  1. Now I know to stack more heat shields when going to the Outer Planets. Does that even work?
  2. Tried doing a direct injection to there and back, but aerobraking often causes my craft to explode during the return to Kerbin.
  3. I'm pretty sure that incest is both legal and encouraged on Kerbin.
  4. Cool! Usually I use engine gimbal plus extra reaction wheels. I also have some aerodynamic surfaces on my SSTOs to prevent them from flipping over during takeoff.
  5. I hate rendezvous and docking. Such a pain in the a$$ when you overshoot and have to redo it. Sometimes I end up cheating to rendezvous instead.
  6. And regarding this guy, I think probes are redundant unless it's a one-way mission. And yes, sometimes the Contract system is a bit restrictive. I find a rendezvous around Minmus redundant because a Direct Ascent mission does the job just as well and there's no need to do a clunky rendezvous with one. Plus, I have no idea why Duna contracts aren't spawning, even after going there at least once. Sometimes I do find the Tech Tree Overpowered and too easy because of the Mobile Science Lab.
  7. I like the MEM because it has an integrated fuel tank and just placing a reaction wheel, Jr docking port, and a Spark engine is all that's needed for an ascent stage. Or backup plan in the event you realize that you need some extra Delta-V. First time I managed to land without cheating was with an Apollo-style configuration with a Voskhod-style command module and MEM for the lander. I could have docked it a second time, but you could always just EVA to the mothership like what I did.
  8. Just landed today. Brought Jeb (for maneuver nodes) and Bob (to reset science containers). Took me several tries but eventually I landed. Now I need to do science without tipping my lander over. Also I cheated to get back to Kerbin because I didn't have enough Delta-V after getting in Mun Orbit.
  9. Speaking of Kirbies, my science teacher happened to photoshop 3 of them to the Mun: https://www.deviantart.com/richmountain112/art/Kerbals-and-Kirbies-878690375
  10. Uh, the stock Mk1 pod is based off of Mercury, and the Mk2 pod is based off of Gemini (as of 1.11, making history required) Edit: I might try one from Eve, but I think it’ll explode if it’s not on top of a medium heat shield with Small Radiators clipped in...
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