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  1. I know this agrees with the in-game description (and I know it's been nearly a week), but I have to disagree. I've used the Convert-o-tron 125 continuously, unmanned, without serious problems. However, it is extremely slow if unmanned, and producing liquid fuel and oxidizer together isn't workable. (I forget why.) When producing a single liquid at a time, it will trickle along at about 96% efficiency. (This is with ambient temperatures of Kerbin or Minmus.) As for speed when unmanned, it takes somewhere in the region of a whole Kerbin year to fill two Rockomax Jumbo-64 fuel tanks. Those are th
  2. For wings, I want precise fitting with the shape of my craft. Procedurally building them out of parts wouldn't work. I want to place panels and trim them to fit. Otherwise, I agree with your post. Thinking a bit more, what I really want for fuselages is to place lengths of generic fuselage and divide it into sections with different purposes: Passengers, fuel/ox, fuel only, cargo bay. However, this really would conflict with the found-parts theme described by Single stage to ocean above.
  3. Here's a full description of the dead end I've gotten into: I'm packing self-refuelling gear into Mk2 cargo bays. It's a big drill and a small converter; a combination I've found to be useful in a different vehicle (with maximally-levelled crew). In the bays of a spaceplane in flight the drill has to sit horizontally, so it's mounted on a big hinge. I'm trying to use KAL-1000 controllers to coordinate deployment and pack-away: bays opening and closing, hinge angle changing, and drill extending and retracting. Having got tired of doing simpler sequences (no hinge) manually, this is an obvi
  4. I grew up with LEGO. I absolutely think KSP should have procedural wings, fuel tanks and cargo bays. I've been balancing lifting-body spaceplanes by rearranging fuel tanks & cargo bays. It was a lot of work and repeatedly veered into the 'not fun' category. Wings -- to bridge gaps in the lifting-body structure or make the overall shape into a delta - would have been both much less work and neater if they were procedural. Granted, if wings were procedural, I might never have discovered that wings buried in bodies still count for lift. What an interesting feature that is... Mwehehehehee
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