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  1. Thank you. I'm gonna explore a code-based solution first (I think I can extend either Engineer or Mechjeb to display the info I want), but if I can't get that, I'll just use a dummy vessel Edit: I got Kerbal Engineer to display it with a little bit of coding. They have a lot of internal code for viewing the fine details of something's orbit, though it looks like it's mostly nonsense in stock. So far RSS/Principia's results seem plausible though.
  2. Yeah, I see that. I finally found this post which essentially says you have to code it yourself. I'm looking into doing that now. I think you're right that I don't need to, but I don't see how. In hindsight, I'm having a hard time arguing how it was going to work. My logic was that I would line up the vessel's AN/DN relative to earth with the moon's AN/DN relative to earth. By using the moon's time-to-AN/DN, I would have a specific point I was targeting, and knowledge of when the moon would be at that point. That way I can target any point in the moon's orbit, which is all I real
  3. Is there a way to display orbital info like time-to-ascending-node for an arbitrary body? I know about the target section in Kerbal Engineer but it doesn't have all the information I want. I am playing RP-1/Principia, and I want to aim for the lunar L4/L5 points, but I really don't want to manually calculate my launch window since it seems like the information I need is probably already calculated somewhere. Do I have to just bite the bullet and make my own estimates? Sorry if this is a duplicate. All my searches kept giving me things about the vessel's orbit info relative to the tar
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