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  1. @Noname115 Yes this mod is for a stock sized kerbin. So far this wil not work for a 2.5x scaled. Maybe in a future update. Thanks for the questions
  2. this ksp mod offers a BocaChica Starbase. Mod version: 2.0 License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 this update brings the GSC Tanks, and the tower is reposition, and more. Photos: downloads: Spacedock Required Mods (the mods are pre package with this mod) 1. Kerbal Konstructs 2. Tundra's Space Center 3. Omega's Stockalike Structures 4. Starship Launch Expansion 5. Module Manager Recommended Mods Starship Expansion Project for the Starship and Super Heavy or Tundra Exploration
  3. not now. but maybe later. if you have more questions ask me. and i will try to answer.
  4. its always the most recent ksp version of the mod.
  5. hello can you read the Recommended text. go to:Electron strong back erector mod.for KSP 1.8.x\Recommended. open the text.
  6. Kion


    Never mind this post. Don't know how to delete a topic. This post will used for add-on release for a mod, in the future.
  7. License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Electron strong back Download from spacedock Recommended Mods Electron mod:Dodo Labs Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1:Terrainium
  8. the 1.11.0 is the version that I tested the mod. but if it is really necessary, I'll change it
  9. this mod will not have textures but more of my mod probable have textures new mod
  10. I use Blender and Unity, and when I start making engines in the future, I'll use blender. But my problem is that I see a lot of videos on YouTube of how to make textures, but I can not import the textures Unity. I've made a new mod But this mod will be always by untextured
  11. download spacedock this mod is requires the no texture cst 100 mod download atspacedock License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
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