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  1. SpaceShip2 is much Kooler than New Shepard.
  2. Wow, I'm very glad that I was nominated for TOTM! My thread has recently received a ton more responses, so thank you! The idea of "celebrating" old KSP versions became important to me with the final KSP update celebrating 10 Years. I never expected this thread to be a TOTM, so thanks again!
  3. Got back from a Boy Scout Camp and I have 100 rep! Thanks guys!!

  4. Banned for adding less than 1000 mods to KSP
  5. https://www.nasa.gov/content/june-10-2021-eclipse Lol souptime, 3AM last night for me, and 2AM the night before Maybe you are the weakling…
  6. I modded the heck out of Cities Skylines weeks ago, and now it’s unplayable. But I recently found a new game that runs with a million mods... KSP.
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