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  1. Hi I was wondering if you plan to add configs for kerbalism? Currently if you use the mod, all the engines only have two ignitions max for example
  2. if you use ksrss/rss you can install KSC switcher (https://github.com/KSP-RO/KSCSwitcher/releases) to set the ksc to wenchang. If you're looking for the launch tower idk where that is from
  3. So, after a break for a few days I'm back, and finished the construction. The ship is still in LKO, with crew onboard, waiting for another 6 days until they can burn and begin their one year journey to Jool. After this mission is finished, either in Jool orbit or back at kerbin, I haven't decided yet, I will start documenting my KSRSS save. So, at least, here's the missions of today (and there were a lot of missions). Launch of the habitation module
  4. Power and logistics module launch The Project left the drawing board with the maiden launch of the prometheus 1, carrying the power and logistics module. This module consists of a nuclear reactor, a snack container, and a 3.75m diameter fresh air container. The snacks may be directly above the nuclear reactor with little to no shielding, but what's the worst that could happen, right? The mighty prometheus 1 roars to life for the first time, delivering more than 100t to Low Kerbin Orbit, 224 by 226 kilometers above kerbin. Propulsion And Cooling Module Launch The Prometheus 1's second launch delivered the next module of the ship destined for Jool, arguably the most important one of all. This module consists of one nuclear saltwater engine, two NSW tanks and eight graphine radiators, used to cool the engine and the nuclear reactor on the power and logistics module. After a succesful launch, the second stage set the propulsion module on an intercept course with the logistics module. After the succesful rendezvous and docking, the modules connected, only leaving the habitation segment left to launch.
  5. This post is reporting about my Jool mission, which will be assembled in 3 launches and primarily orbit Jool for a few months (Specific times will be layed out as the mission progresses). GameDate folder: the crafts: Prometheus 1 First of all, the launch vehicle that will deliver the modules of the ship is called "Prometheus 1". Its payload capacity is about 200t. The Rocket consists of 6 5 segment SRBs, 19 main sail LF/O engines on the first stage, and 8 Raptor Vacuum engines on the 2nd stage. The screenshots are taken of the baseline configuration which will launch most modules, however the propulsion module will be launched with a stretched upper stage. THe centrifuge module will be launched on a 10m diameter upper stage. Front View: Side View 1: Back View: Side View 2:
  6. So I launched the mission and here are some screenshots this is the Titan IVB with a centaur T upper stage launching the probe.I picked the same rocket that launched Cassini, since the year 2001 fits more to that era, than if I launched it on an Atlas V. Here's the Spacecraft on its way to jool after it detached from the Centaur that completed the escape burn/Jool injection. Now these screenshots definitly aren't the best ones I've taken so far, I'm pretty sure it was a lot because of the lack of lighting. I will try to make the next screenshots much more pretty. I'll also be posting mission reports from my soon to exist career save so yea Also since I imported the mission Flag in a wrong way, the patch has been expanded into an oval and is now very w i d e thanks for looking at this thing and bye!
  7. Mission report of my Jool mission on my JNSQ sandbox save i also made a flag so uhh it's a bit scuffed because i rescaled it a lot, but the in-game flag is fine. I also meant for it to say joovian but it was 5 AM so i forgot and now it's already exported lol I'll give updates on the Mission here once I launched it, and when any important events happen with it.
  8. The space agency is called "Space Agency of the western hemisphere", or SAoWH for short. It's known for its long acronyms and lack of creativity in naming, and every rocket, spacecraft, kerbal, station and base will have long acronyms as their names. Despite its name, it's actually just a small country that forgot its own name throughout its history and is now called "Small country in the west of earth" with SCiWE as its acronym. The naming schemes in this country always cause troubles in international relations. Even though it is a very small and unimportant country, its space technology is surprisingly advanced. So basically: SAoWH, acronyms and this is the flag: https://imgur.com/a/CXsSqsP
  9. The Agency is called "SAoWH" or Space Agency of the western hemisphere. It's known for long acronyms and every rocket, vehicle and station will have a bad acronym as its name. That's all the lore I've thought of so far haha this is flag: https://imgur.com/a/WQC35OO i hope the link works
  10. I'm quite interested in joining! Are testflights of rockets as "simulations" with reverting allowed?
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