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  1. This may be a bit off topic, but as an American in high school right now, I think that more students need to understand the purpose of what they are learning. I feel like too many of my classmates really miss the point of school. They think that the school is trying to get them to remember all of these random facts and processes, but it's really trying to teach them how to learn. They think a math test is just a test of what they were taught, but it's actually a test of how well they can learn that type of math. I feel like if more people understood this, we'd see more effort and more interest. I know once I realized this I stopped disliking school.
  2. Twix, with KitKat being a very close second.
  3. The new ASAS is not an autopilot anymore. It doesn't hold a heading like an autopilot would. Rather, it dampens rotations so you can better control. If you want something to keep you pointed at 15 degrees, you need an autopilot.
  4. I'd have to say that .14 was the most significant, since it made my purchase of the game actually worth something. Before that, there was no difference from the demo.
  5. I think it might have to do with the fact that multiple gimballed engines don't seem to control roll at all. I always assume that six mailsails should be able to stop my spinning, but they don't affect the roll.
  6. I agree with you about the probe and Z-Map for sure, as well as on the planes. It's been mentioned that the planes haven't been redesigned in quite a while, so they're due for an update soon anyways. As for the Lander and Orbiter, I think those are meant to be examples of what is possible, because getting creative is something new players might not think of because they haven't seen anything unique before.
  7. I've been playing for around a year and a half now, and I recommend taking a break when you get tired of the game. Just do what you think is fun, and set long term goals that are not infinite. Land on the Mun is always a better goal than build a big station because it ends.
  8. Exactly. It's our job to do achievable projects so the next generation has something to work off of, so that eventually a spacefaring civilization is possible. That's why I think a Moon base is a better idea. But I know that most people can't think further ahead than 10 years, not to mention beyond their own lifetimes.
  9. I'm really good at hitting escape, ending a flight, and getting through the confirmation without thinking or looking at the screen because every launcher I make rips itself apart at least 5 times.
  10. Something needs to be done about engine clustering. It feels like clustering small engines is better in every situation than using one of the dedicated large engines.
  11. Back when they were making the planets I believe they said Moho was in reference to the MohoroviÄÂić discontinuity.
  12. I really like this idea. The Kerbals could be the consistency across all of the different, unconnected systems.
  13. The ratios they've given aren't volume ratios, they're mass ratios. The expansion of the oxygen isn't going to create more oxygen atoms for the reaction. Using a mass ratio, you can find a volume ratio.
  14. So the two moons orbited each other, while they both orbited the larger planet? I don't think that would be at all stable.
  15. Because of the lack of n-body physics, L3, L4, and L5 all work. Just put something into orbit where it should be, and it'll stay there. Unfortunately, L1 and L2, the useful ones, don't work.
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