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  1. I think it has come to a point where I am going to ask people to not talk about the account deletion. I've seen people starting to speculate, and I don't wanna cause trouble for Take Two nor Private Division. 

    I'll post updates when I can but until then I ask you don't talk about it.

    May your rockets fly high and let kraken be at bay,


    1. Dr. Kerbal

      Dr. Kerbal

      Okay. Wait your account  got deleted?! When?

    2. The Doodling Astronaut

      The Doodling Astronaut

      It's a long story, but overall, someone else than me got access to my account and deleted it. That's all we know so far, and all we really need to say until we get more info

  2. Number one thing I hate about Youtube:


    I make a five second video of my dog as a short and it gets more views than all but two of my KSP videos, I MEAN HOW?! Someone explain how this works

    1. ZinkBot


      Stuff like that happens. Its odd.

    2. The Doodling Astronaut

      The Doodling Astronaut

      I'm guessing it was because it's a short, since Youtube wants to compete with TikTok. And it's a dog, who doesn't like dogs :o 

    3. Kerminator K-100

      Kerminator K-100


      another way to say "it just happens and we don't know how":D

  3. I just to reading this article, this is talking about ksp webstore. I don’t think they are both related. Probably not a great idea to speculate
  4. I'm not sure I really like this. Yeah it's way better than the previous version of Eeloo, but it just doesn't really feel like what Eeloo is as an ice planet. Maybe I am being nitpicky, Eeloo is my favorite planet and I have been super excited ever since 1.8 to see how Eeloo would look and maybe I was holding my expectations too high.
  5. I'll take that answer that just means we get at least ~30 more showcases of KSP 2
  6. I can't check videos while I am out of house.
  7. After seeing the Mun revamp in KSP. We saw that they went next level for KSP 2. Earlier a few months ago, Mun looked very similar to what it did in the past, but recently with the new change, it looks like they are putting more quality into their planets. Which makes me think the initial delays where for this reason, that KSP 2 was going to be originally more in common with the KSP 1 game. Do you agree or disagree?
  8. Happy May the 4th. KSP twitter sent this out today, get the reference:


    Here's a clue:


    The Mandalorian (season 2) - Wikipedia


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    2. Kerminator K-100
    3. Dr. Kerbal
    4. BlackMesaSurvivor


      Kerbal Wars.

      The Kerbalorian.

      oh look, it's one of those mini-krakens.

      and it looks cute!

      at least they didn't spagetify that Kerbal.:P

  9. Oof been so busy I missed it. Thanks for letting me know
  10. I might be being mistaken but are you guys talking about Minmus? This is the Mun: This is Minmus:
  11. I don't think it's necessarily bad. It might be confusing from a lore side. But I don't think it would be that big of a deal if they did a Collins memorial. I think it's a way to show we care about them in a special way.
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