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  1. Good show today at SpaceX! More excited though when they test Supa heavy!
  2. I won't tell you if you should or should not. But I will say I have seen people get COVID and get hospitalized ranging from the very young 'healthy' range to the old. Regardless of age the virus is deadly. But again, it's your decision. I got it even though I am in the "low risk," because Biology has taught me, spreading a virus regardless of feeling sick is just more of an opportunity for the virus to become even more deadlier.
  3. In summary (and I hope I don't break a rule saying this): I'm more concerned there isn't enough people getting regular vaccinations vs booster. Getting a booster is debatable, but since I am of the younger generation, I don't think I'll be getting the booster unless it's very recommended.
  4. I would stick with a Moderna vaccine booster, that's my personal opinion though. It's hard to discuss my thoughts on what you should get without feeling i'm going to break the political rule. But I'll say that if you got Moderna I would go with Moderna booster. For me, I got Pfizer, so I would probably go get Pfizer.
  5. The chopsticks look way beefier than I thought them to be.
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