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  1. Hey guys, as I leave for camp I didn't want to leave you guys with nothing. So a teaser:


  2. Gives a good point, mission builder is basically a story mode, and that barely ever gets any use
  3. How much do we know about reusability still being planned for Vulcan?
  4. They also said with that traveling will be rocket based. So along with that, we won't see other things like Solar Sails in stock.
  5. Alpharia planet pack video will probably not release for a while. Going to be on a camp for the most of the week. Will be working on it when I can. Scared to see what happens to channel as I want to keep the momentum going. But I’ve exhausted myself with OPM tbh

  6. Thinking about it. I would love to see what easter eggs they would add without them confirming any. That being said, I'll be very disappointed if Mun Arches, Tylo Cave, Kraken, and a few other of the more famous ones don't get carried over since they are iconic
  7. Before I forget, the mod should be played in 1.12.1


  8. Anyone down for a dirty astronaut:


    Do you approve or disapprove


    or do you wanna just stay cool


    New Doodle Emojis

  9. you never said how smoll the payload had to be you just only said that it was impossible to land on and return from In seriousness tho, practically for any realistic use it's impossible
  10. Well the people have spoken on my polls. they want to see this one first Looking at the planet pack. Here's what you can expect: -Part 1: Probes to the two outer planets -Part 2: Landing and returning from Impossible (If I have sanity the current lander is big)
  11. What’s this lava lake on the moon supposed to be?
  12. I’ve heard about lava lakes on our moon. How do they form? I didn’t really hear about these lakes until recently. Thank you for answers.
  13. Multiplayer is def. a nope. They said that there is a major announcement on that soon. Planets also probably not after reaction from last time with people not wanting to be spoiled. Probably a new part or something technical TBH.
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