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  1. KSP algorithm is dying, Stratz has admitted it, Matt Lowne has admitted it, I have noticed it with my videos. People are transitioning from KSP to other things,

    it makes me sad :( 

  2. Looks awesome, just came back from the deserts of Utah. So I didn't see this until now
  3. For example: user 1 - “The Kidagkakakakaka” user 2 - “The Kidagkakakakaka is a three winged species that can dive -800 meters to get food in the upper atmosphere. They have 2 and a half eyes. And are about 320 meters long. species - The foodatro” I’ll start: species - The chuga-dooga
  4. Just wait in 3-10 years when they will be launching 20-100 people.
  5. Got one of two of these before they sold out. But hey, at least we have one for the collection Now we just gotta find where we can still get GuinGuin
  6. I'll quickly jump in and say that no matter how early/late you got KSP 1. You HAVE TO PAY for KSP 2 FULL PRICE.
  7. Ion engines are already not used enough in KSP. Why make them weaker to drive away more people to using them? I don't think realistic thrust is really a problem.
  8. Most KSP players have never used a custom flag. Not saying there isn't anyone who does, I mean i'm guilty I have a lot of custom flags (thx to Upsilon)
  9. The reason I think they won't be doing things like custom flags or custom suits is because of multiplayer. Hopefully they have a replacement texture for multiplayer for when its a modded texture.
  10. Just only for this is it time for... @Melontime? or @Souptime?
  11. here’s me and my crazy love for arches (Removed) Once you have the image made i’ll be deleting the image
  12. Writing this before bed. But the Mun Arch colonies video IS SO CLOSE to being released.

    I have to finish the video, test it, then upload it.

    I have to wake up very early (5:00 am.) So wish me luck on finishing this.

  13. Kinda makes sense that they aren't doing too many renders ATM. They want to be a real company not a paper company. I actually think it's great that it's other people making the renders not SpaceX
  14. Utah takes L :/. In their most competitive game this year. Can’t wait for next few days. Otherwise from that. The mun arch video is very much soon. After that, I think I might return to GPP. Or not, who knows really in these times 

    1. The Doodling Astronaut

      The Doodling Astronaut

      Also I think I am gonna go with a more personal pfp now

  15. I can proudly say I am the first non developer to post a video on the game:
  16. They are still doing Playtesting go join the server to go play it!
  17. Orbital Combat is a game where you fight rockets with rockets: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1693780/Orbital_Combat/ Link to game ^ Playtests: https://t.co/4RSWVCX2DR?amp=1 Playtest streams can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/dododigital So what do you guys think of this game? I think the developer is awesome for making this game. I played the first playtest with him and it's amazing. I can't wait for the full game
  18. Will be playing Orbital Combat soon once they fix the problems:

    Watch it on the developers stream


    1. Spaceman.Spiff


      Do you know when it comes out?

    2. The Doodling Astronaut
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