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  1. To the KSP forum, I joined the KSP forums on March 27th, 2019, I got thru the KSP filter of getting kerbals passed the mun via the help on the forums. I reached every planet and moon in game with crew, and that includes Eve. I started a youtube series called "The Doodling Adventures" that started back in 2019, I soon after made other KSP videos, and the biggest of them all being the Galileo's Planet Pack Series, the first completed youtube series, to my knowledge, of Galileo's Planet Pack. On my KSP youtube channel I gained 429 subscribers from the original 6 before I started making KSP content. To each subscriber, thank you for your subscription. To the forumers who followed me, thank you. To the forumers who helped me with questions or other game help, thank you. To the KSP staff and moderators, thank you. And finally, thank you, reader, for reading this post. Now to get to the sad stuff, I will be leaving the KSP youtube, discord and forum communities at the start of this year. I started leaving reddit and twitter last year, and while I still have accounts to both, I don't really use them. I decided that after the great finish of Upsilon KSP Ortus City thanks to the leadership of @Stratzenblitz75 and @Knight of St John, the last thing I wanted to get done before my departure is finished. In light of recent events, for personal and private reasons, I will cease the online identity of The Doodling Astronaut for good. I have privated all my videos both on personal and kerbal, and I am currently not planning on making any public except the Ortus video. I ask that no one looks for more details on why. I wanted to thank @Matt Lowne for inspiring me to get the game, and thank you Matt for the shoutout in the Sea Dragon video, I will never forget that. A thank you to @Stratzenblitz75, Scott Manley (I know he has a forum account,) and other KSP youtubers who inspired me to make content. If you made a youtube video over the years, I probably noticed your channel at one point. A final thank you to everyone who I have encountered over the years, a special final thank you again to the moderators and staff that keep this wonderful place running. I wish the best for all of the forumers and may you guys stay safe. Ok, One last time, May your rockets fly high and may the kraken be at bay, -Doodles
  2. Actually yeah I have TUBM is subscribed to my channel ()
  3. While it’s annoying, I’m only just seeing what safety agencies have to do. I don’t see the FAA doing anything wrong. It’s a weird question for sure. I think it took a while for Elon to answer because they are more focused on getting it into orbit and recovering it. Then get a stable cargo program, eventually test having crew, then so on. One step at a time.
  4. The game's peak popularity was 2013-2016, then it dipped. It just has been the same ever since, a false claim by many, including me, that has been made is that KSP activity is dying when in reality, it actually is currently just as normal as when it was in 2018, 2019, or 2020
  5. Whats with all the pessimistic posts recently on the forums? This is like the fifth one It's the holidays, people are out of the house.
  6. Been learning RSS and soon RO But I just wanna say Merry Christmas. From the Moon
  7. RULE CHANGE: You have to add a family line to the name (ex: Saparmarkatsaurus the Third or III) Round 24: Taco -> Tocosaurus the First!
  8. IDK I apparently can't change the rules now Round 22: Supermarket -> Saparmarkatsaurus
  9. Quick question from a newbie on RSS Is this how these systems are supposed to look? Every other system is fine, these ones just look a little... off.... If it's how it's supposed to be then ok, but if it's a bug of some sorts i'll send a proper report with a log...
  10. What a journey I always wondered why I could never find a complete GPP series on Youtube. Now I know why, it takes forever to do. The first video to last was a journey, new solutions, while still having fun. Will there be another series like this? Watch till the end to find out!
  11. I undid two of SSTOcrasher's rules because they stopped the game. No other reason Taco -> Tocosaurus
  12. Didn't help that game was going on forever and back and forth
  13. It’s a probe. Well it got there, but I fell asleep during time warp so here we go again (this time only half of the 8 hours)
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