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  1. I don't want to look at the steam hour log to see how much of my life has been dumped into ksp. I've been playing "seriously" since maybe last summer. Here's my Bop mining refinery hopper (solar and thermal retracted) docked to it's ITV. I put another large docking port on top, but it's off-center compared to the CG, so it's a bit useless. I cheat and pump across tanks that are AGU connected (thus all the grabby bits). I figure the kerbalnauts could be rigging up hoses or something. Also, I thought I was clever and put relays, batteries, and solar panel
  2. Laythe Aerocapture. Kinda got sideways. Nothing essential exploded. This is the entire stack after jool Aerocapture, minus a rcs tank I unwisely dumped. Yay! We made it! Only the second crew to step foot on another planet outside of Kerbins SOI. (I did an Apollo style Duna landing prior to this) For my next Laythe mission, I'm sending a flotilla of 3 of these monstrosities. That's Laythe Base Alpha docked to one of 3 Intrasolar Transport Vehicles. The other two ships are a mining and refinery dropship (for Bop) and an SSTO dropship for Laythe ups
  3. I'll bet! I love struts! They're like duct tape. If it wobbles on the launch pad, just add more struts!
  4. Thanks! I'll try that out. Any suggestions for a good site to host my screenshots? Also, I know this isn't the place for questions, but any idea why mechjeb sometimes screws up a long burn? Is there a way to avoid this other than using SAS and babysitting the end time myself? I guess I could just do a search for the answer. Anybody else think pilots are useless? I always stick a flight control pod on my vehicles for experiment storage if nothing else. Seems to totally negate the need for a pilot. Then again, I can't build a working aircraft to save my life.
  5. Haha. I've got some save points for posterity. Do I screenshot just like normal? Ctrl prntscrn? You are going to laugh when you see my janky nuke ships, like "she put THAT on top of a booster!?" I typed all that because I couldn't play KSP instead. Thanks for the welcome!
  6. At first I thought: "I'll just get to the Mun and back. That's it. Then I'll be done." Then it was: "Just plant a flag on Minmus, that's enough." "Just see how mining and refueling works..." "Just rescue my Kerbalnaut stranded in Munar orbit..." "Just plant a flag on Duna..." And for a while, that was enough. I did the rendezvous and docking tutorial. One go at that tedium was more than enough. I was even getting a bit bored babysitting every single burn. Going elsewhere with robots was unexciting, and flags and footprints meant docking. Nope. Crew transfers or rescue
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