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  1. Granted, Here, Golden Fish Crackers. I wish that these mosquitoes would be VANISHEDfrom this planet.
  2. AAA, AAA AA AAAAA AAAA AA'A AAA A AAAA AAAA. (Yes, but be aware that it's not a good idea.) Did this text above here(not the previous post) made you think of an absurd article?
  3. no. TUBM has done a Jool V Mission.
  4. Here, a defunct satellite for you. Aaaaaaand here, a popular corn for you, side new page is sold separately. I would like some sweet Dunaberries juice. and a Kraken meat with a small spark of Sodium Chloride on it.
  5. Because... Why not? If i mix a barrel of Rolls and Rick Rolls, would i get a Reaction Wheel?
  6. Le Off-Topic Click. (Don't click this)
  7. No bombs, only food. I would like some sweet spaghetti.
  8. Finally after lots of unsuccessful attempts, my click shall be... uhh... meh, i'll just click this. Oh damnit, i forgot to post my click... um, ahem. Click.
  9. 3/10 A Piranhas... Piranah... Phira... how do i spell this?... well, let's just say, Powerful jawed fishes Unilateral Negations?! That not how mafia works! See my mispellings? a bot can't do such grammatic treasons, right?
  10. You forgot to recruit a professional Pyro. Waiter! This soup is a mix of nothing but air! Remove it!
  11. Enough was enough, i erase Team Fortress 2 from this Megamultiverse, and replaced it with some tacos and doritos. My 10,000 Doritos and Tacos. And a Circle.
  12. 6 hours and not even a reply?! Beam me up, @scotty!
  13. Ummm... Yes? TUBM didn't have a problem with KSP on this week.
  14. Banned because i don't see it very violent. I, however, am.
  15. Here, a Rotten Snail. I would like some sweet Ninjas with a mix of Samurais and perhaps some short of Wanhu Totem on the middle of them.
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