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  1. Jeb saw a much more Orange-ish Venus. And he saw Jupiter... yes, it's the same as before, but with a different TUFX made by ballisticfox0. It kind of looks like what i'm trying to achieve. Oh, and sorry for the awful compression.
  2. You got a cease and desist order from the FBI. I would like some Bowl of Petunias.
  3. Not enough pasta and spaghetti. Crewed Gemini Mission to the Moon and back.
  4. You got a Kopernicus WatchHotdog. I would like some NaCl elements on my Belgium Fries.
  5. Probably yes, but maybe no. idk. TUBM is not infected by a disease.
  6. Not enough ΔV. A Venera-ish mission to Eve.
  7. Granted, i hope a Seymour Skinner's hair is cool for you. Granted, you got a old ring, from Saturn! I wish a vaccine, cure or any healthy tools to get rid of this disease which unfortunately i have been infected. [nope, it's not Covid-19]
  8. Not granted. I wish that you had to look at the rules of every forum game and the KSP forums of course. nahh, perhaps the next week. I wish more Henry Stickmins.
  9. Tired of hard mode? Is RSS-RO-RP-1 with very hard mode too easy like staying alive for 0.0001 seconds? Then this mod is for you! Ironman mode. What is this? you say. Simple, it's a mod that allows you to play with the stock planets in a super large scale! Something which i was supposed to do in the... duhh, whatev the name of that mod is... What are the features? simple, look at the table below: It places your KSC in Eve. Science multiplier is decreased on every planet to 0.1. Only crewed missions, Kerbalism is extremely a hard dependency for it. No easy, normal, or moderate mode, just hard and custom[which allows you to make it much more harder! no buffs] Dumb Kerbals are Way tooo Expensive, moderate level kerbals only appears when you sent a return mission to Jool, btw Intelligent and BadS kerbals are removed[yes, say goodbye to Jeb] Kerbals randomly dies for no reason. Everything but parts and Kerbals are scaled to 100x. No Parachutes, No Heat shields. Instantly deletes any mod that isn't supported. Forces your KSP install to use higher quality to kill your fps. No lights. Contracts are very hard to achieve. and it has very low rewards. You start with 5k of kollars[funds] CommNet link is too weak that not even a 1T antenna can transmit in LEvO[Low Eve Orbit] No timewarp, no reverts, no sandbox neither science mode. only career. Principia is also a hard dependency for Ironman mode to work. Otherwise, everything is replaced with a Scott Manley face. Can crash KSP by itself in random situations, and yes, you can't quicksave neither quickload. Built-in RO-like plugin. That's it... enjoy it... While you can...MWAAHAHAHHA, HAHAHAHA, MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!
  10. Quick, consume that anti-poison pill! and throw away that soup to a safe place! Waiter, there's a Kermit frog wandering on my soup!
  11. Here, an Icy Moon Surface Cream. I would like some Waiters, with some soup and perhaps some corrupted wishes and bans.
  12. right click him. and repeat until you can smell him. Why my kerbals keeps yelling at me for no reason?
  13. Not enough Power! Crewed Landing mission to Gilly.
  14. You should give some of your soup to them, he's quite hungry. Waiter, this soup is literally a launch pad with a Vanguard TV-3 Launch Vehicle Fully Functional Replica on it! Should i stop the rocket from exploding?
  15. You got sneaky Marios and Luigis instead, quick, use that Sonic Cannon to repel them away! I would like some snacks please.
  16. 6 Hours and not even a reply!?!? @Earthlinger?
  17. KSP Alarm clocks. Can i travel back in time if i orbit Counter-Clockwise?
  18. BDB adds parts. Lots of parts. Nearly 1000 parts, including launchers, spacecraft, and probes, all in a stockalike style. The focus lies primarily on the US space program up through the Apollo program, though some modern parts exist. They are not perfect replicas, but rather take inspiration directly from existing designs. Care has been taken to research and include pieces for projects that were proposed but never happened, to increase the possibilities available to the player. Parts are made in a lego frame of mind, and screenshots of your unique franken creations are always appreciated! The mod is not recommended for new players, as the mod adds a good deal of clutter to the VAB lists. The mod also adds new standard sizes (such a 0.9375m, 1.5m and 1.875m diameter) of parts in order to more accurately scale to KSP. Now, 1000 parts sounds like it would kill your PC. While the mod certainly is large, the memory overhead is likely lower than you would expect. Care has been taken to ensure the mod is efficient, with methods such as enforcing a strict texel density (a technique I have only used since mid-2017, so the older assets might not be as efficient) and texture atlasing to cram several parts onto each texture sheet. For those familiar with KSP mods, BDB can be considered a stockalike equivalent of FASA, and a US counterpart to Tantares' soviet rockets. The parts are really overpowered! I managed to take a Mercury Hermes to Mercury Moho. The parts in BDB are balanced and scaled against the stock parts. Unfortunately, due to KSP's tiny solar system, that means that the rockets you build will be more powerful than their real world counterparts. For realistic balance, use something like a 2.5x to 3.2x rescale. Scaling can be accomplished via Sigma Dimensions, and scale preset configs are available through Rescale! You could also try the incredibly awesome JNSQ, which comes natively sized at 2.7x scale and works perfectly with BDB! Well, what do I get? Currently, the mod includes nearly 400 parts! A (non-exhaustive!) list is below: <nope> I would like to see X, Y, and Z in game! Awesome! I love having people interested in the mod's development. First, check the roadmap to make sure I haven't already planned on making it. If it's on there, it will get done - eventually. Some day. Hopefully. If not, feel free to ask on the thread. Preferably with pictures, or something. Fair warning - I don't have much of an interest in modern rockets, so don't expect to see things like a Falcon 9 or some such in this mod. I also don't plan on covering anything Soviet - Tantares already does a fine job of representing those in a stockalike style. Right now I'm also sort of swamped, with content planned for upwards of the next year! However, if you have something relevant to what I'm currently working on (ie you can't have X rocket without Y part for it) please speak up - I like to be complete! I don't want to download all this, can you split up the mod? I wish it was that easy! At this point, splitting up the mod would be a good deal of work, as well as additional overhead to maintain. Additionally, despite the frequency this gets asked, nobody seems to agree on how the mod should be split up! However, the mod is easily prunable. Deleting folders inside Gamedata/Bluedog_DB/Parts/ will delete that part family without breaking other parts of the mod. For finer pruning, mods like Janitor's Closet can be used to remove parts from within the game. There's something wrong with the CKAN configs for BDB! Myself and the other authors do not maintain the CKAN configs for this mod. LinuxGuruGamer has graciously volunteered (I think) to look into any issues pertaining to this mod on CKAN. The Apollo Launch Escape System wobbles. Right click on the LES and autostrut it to the heaviest part. If you don't have a button for autostruts, go into settings and turn on "advanced tweakables". The BDB science experiments don't work. Make sure you have DMagicScienceAnimate installed. All the dependencies are included in the download, so make sure you put everything in the GameData folder you downloaded into your KSP's GameData. The Saturn and Centaur engines don't work. Make sure you have CommunityResourcePack installed. All the dependencies are included in the download, so make sure you put everything in the GameData folder you downloaded into your KSP's GameData. I don't have the LDC/Atlas V/other cool parts people are showing off in the thread. Those parts are still in development. If you want them, download the latest dev version. Warning! These are unstable, unfinished, unbalanced, and will probably break your saves! What parts go to which rocket? They all have weird names, and I'm so confused. The parts all have kerbalized names, like the planets in KSP. There's a list of the real names, and how to build real rockets, in the Wiki/Manual. In addition, there's an optional real names config in the `BD_Extras (No Warranty)` folder, though it might not cover all the latest parts. Type tags into part list search box to narrow down the list to related parts. Useful tags * Mercury, Hermes, Redstone, Etoh * Gemini, Leo (Gemini gets you junk, use Leo) * Apollo, Kane * Skylab * Atlas, Bossart, Muo * Titan, Prometheus * Saturn, Sarnus * S1, S1C, S1E, S2, S4, S4B, S4C (Saturn V is very easy to build using stage tags S4B, S2, S1C) * many more Mercury-Redstone/Hermes-Etoh can't reach space! Your TWR is too low. Empty the upper checkered tank - which, in real life, was actually structural with some avionics. Or add more boosters. Your choice. Mercury Redstone Flight Plan: 1. Liftoff (maintain 100% throttle throughout flight). 2. Pitch over eastward about 0.75 degrees per second. 3. Stop pitchover at 45 degrees pitch (10,000 - 15,000 meters height). 4. Hold attitude to burnout. 5. Jettison tower. 6. Separate spacecraft from Redstone. 7. Turn retrograde. 8. Do stuff. 9. Apogee (hopefully 100+ km). 10. Fire retro motor (optional), jettison retro motor, fall back down (not optional). 11. Deploy parachute at 3000 meters. 12. Ticker tape parade (assuming step 11 went well). From BDB. Here, untastable bowl of nothing, go to Minmus and collect surface samples, and eat it. I would like some Steamed Hams.
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