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  1. Here, some Chicken Nuggets... with Brocollies. Enjoy it. I want some Potato Chips with some mayonnaise.
  2. it's been a day ago and no-one[even me] has replied yet? Well, I think that right now @ColdJ or @Kerbal Productions may reply next...
  3. Instantly destroyed by the Pressure limits[or something, idk] An Rover[Curiosity or Perseverance 'ish] Mission to the Surface of Titan.
  4. By avoiding science. How to the kerbal mode in the KSP mods with no MM?
  5. Nope. TUBM is going to sleep.
  6. Banned for having a City of Banning Badge on your signature.
  7. Banned for banning me a few seconds before i added it.
  8. For more information about banning, please consult on the Banning house. And btw, you're banned. Trolololoolololol This is Mr.New page. New Page sells cool stuff for free to helpful people, people then says funny and/or cool phrases with the name of New Page. Hoping that Everyone that behaves well can also enjoy it by getting the same stuff New Page sells. Others on the other hand, don't.
  9. Granted, the subscription has been liquidified. I wish a small pack of non-SRB boosters.
  10. Here, a Juice made of Jeb. I want some Bill Payments.
  11. Here, an CRS-7. An habitable Planet, please. I literally just came here to find posts with precious minerals, and then i just got a New Page with lots of Gold. Christopher ColumbusVenuspher Velumbus.
  12. Here, a Kerbalism message saying: MK-55 Thud Engine suffered an Fuel leak and exploded! A bunch of Titan II launch vehicles, Please.
  13. No separate Cheater word on your post? Cheater!
  14. Now there's a Venus on the empty space. My Venus Hill... ummm... which hill?
  15. Granted, the FBI and the CIA confiscates it and applies an embargo to your family. I wish a dozen of Cinnamon Toast.
  16. Banned for playing as a Sniper, stop camping around.
  17. On Glassgow. Why Stanley always goes to the right door?
  18. Tired of any Visual pack? ever wanted to use new visual pack for any Planet pack? Then this mod is for you. SHUΩRAVBNLVP [Super-Hyper-Ultra-Ωmega-Realistically-Accurate-Very-Beautiful-Nice-Looking-Visual-Pack] What is this? you say. Simple, it's a quite big Visual mod compatible with many planet packs, From RSS, JNSQ, Beyond Home, Galaxies Unbound, and even more[which is nothing]! Common Q&A List below here.
  19. Ummm, yes? TUBM is feeling sleepy right now.
  20. 3 hours has passed , and @Akagi has replied yet. But i'm not sure if @SkyFall2489 will reply.
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