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  1. hi bcink, love this mod! always a fan of the martian and i'm delighted that i can finally recreate the ares missions. i have some suggestions for you to improve this mod 1, is it possible that you can add some kind of KIS setup deployable/inflatable hab thing? because the only thing that it missing from the mission is the hab, which is kinda hard to replicate with stock/mod parts (i have tried pathfinder and planetside but it would be better if there was there was a hab designed/made for ares) 2, can you incorporate the hermes spacecraft from "[wip] hermes interplanetry
  2. you should rename it the F.L.A.T capsule (Frisbee Like Alternate space Transport Capsule) since the capsule description says it has a "ulta-flat design" FYI that was a joke but if you want to implement it you could! Also, are there any good HII mods that could be used to "realistically" launch the spacecraft.
  3. im not sure there is a flag pack w/ the amazon logo https://www.pngfind.com/mpng/Tbbbhw_amazon-logo-png-amazon-png-transparent-png/ i think thats a transparent amazon logo. just copy&paste the link into your browser and press download once the webpage loads. when ur image has been downloaded, move it into the location "user://Kerbal Space Program/GameData/Squad/Flags/" which in other words is in ur ksp folder, the gamedata subfolder, the squad (or another mod's folder, or u can create your own as long as it has the capital F "Flags" folder) subsubfolder (is this even a t
  4. i had ran into this problem when i first started playing this game too. i downloaded it from the ksp store, opened the "kerbal space program" folder, right clicked the ksp application, clicked show package contents, and after that, into Contents->MacOS->KSP the KSP, which is a unix executable file with a icon that looks like a black square with the letters "exec" on it , when you open it it launches a terminal window and opens ksp. btw it dosent matter if you right click ksp or ksp launcher, both work fine, and the only difference is that KSP launches ksp directly and KSPLaunch
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