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    Kerbalizing Space Exploration: Moar Boosters!!!
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    Kerbal Space Centre, Jool -251m, directly below the launchpad
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  1. @jebycheek by “stock friction parts“ i assume you mean the grip pads from breaking ground dlc. try downloading KAS (kerbal attachment system) and use the base ground anchor parts that will appear with that mod installed, or just use the stock ground anchor parts if you are using 1.12. Hope this helps!
  2. @jora welcome to the forum. Try a different way of opening it, such as right clicking ksp.app and select "show package contents" from the right-click menu, and open the Unix Executable File "ksp" using terminal located in "ksp.app"->"contents"->"MacOS"->"ksp". I might be wrong, but if you downloaded ksp as a zip file (not the installer thing), I think what you described (the "black screen with an orange rectangle at the bottom") is a result of directly clicking the "ksp.app" and not following the aforementioned procedure. To be fair, I have no idea why that needs to be done (I'm not a computer scientist) but it worked for me (after a lot of trial and error) when I first started playing ksp a long time ago. By the way, have you downloaded and opened ksp v1.12.3 in the same way as you did in v1.7.2? Hope this helps!
  3. Hi. Cue ksp theme song <Sound of distant explosions> <blue screen of death> @ColdJ?
  4. I take control of the I.S.V. VentureStar (big antimatter-matter powered interstellar spacecraft in the move Avatar) and crash it into your interstellar hill at 70%c . The hill is completely turned into light and energy by the antimatter fuel contained. Random photons and subatomic particles drifting through space that was once a hill.
  5. After the hills are come alive and become self aware. they plot to destroy humanity. humanity is forced nuke the hill and now instead of the sound of music, you can hear the sounds of nuclear detonations. Vaporised Radioactive Plasma Hill
  6. Kerbal Ball https://spacedock.info/mod/3111/Kerbal Ball (Btw great mod @ColdJ)
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