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    Kerbalising (is that a word?) space exploration!!!
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    Kerbal Space Centre, Jool -251m, directly below the launchpad
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    Playing ksp and reading

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  1. 8/10 because the picture it reminds me of a kerbal walking on Jool. although i cant really see what it is
  2. 1. When you name a ship “the skeld”, and launch it, you should be able to play among us in it and jeb is always sus 2. Make a PS1 version of KSP console 3. Relocate the space centre on kerbol’s surface
  3. A great mod is the kerbal reusability expansion which adds energia2/bikal style deployable wings for fly back boosters. FMRS is also needed (see posts above).
  4. procedural stuff would be nice, as this allows for more level of creativity for rocket building without making the part count really high (e.g. with procedural fuel tanks: if someone tried to build a 20m diameter rocket because moar boosters then there will be around 20-50parts. without procedural parts a rocket with 20m diameter using clustered tanks and farings would be 200+ parts. this will greatly reduce FPS), but one drawback is the texture. i have played with the mod procedural parts, and i think there needs to be some kind of major overhaul of procedural textures from that to be able to let it fit in nicely with stock ksp
  5. this would be great, but another idea is to queue orders to get some kerbals to build bases all by themselves which would be cool, convenient and awesome when used with EVA construction mode and possibily some kind of mod that has inflatable base parts (pathfinder, mks?) Also, it would remove the need to spend hours evaing kerbals to build stuff or repair stuff, as i once tried building a IKEA style “packed” base in a huge container with KIS (before 1.11 came out) and then regretted it because assembling large structures on eva by hand is time consuming and prone to kraken attacks, but if you can make kerbals build bases autonomously or even in the background (not focused/flying this mission) so there would be more time to return to the space center vab and build something totally worthwhile like attempting to land jeb on the surface of jool and plant a flag there and return without summoning the kraken. (10345th time lucky right?)
  6. I googled a zombie apocalypse yesterday night wonderful. I have a zombie apocalypse to protect myself against a zombie apocalypse how is this supposed to work anyway
  7. “Can i quote myself?” —a quote by space kerbalisation tech
  8. By making edits to the game files, i make the kraken attack itself Jeb status:
  9. For all kerbalkind 1.6.1 for kerbalnauts who like the tv show for all mankind Parts for EVERY rocket/spacecraft featured in for all mankind (Jamestown, pathfinder etc). Comes with working machine guns and missiles which you can use to blow up the sea dragon (pls download the mod real scale sea dragon, modification configs included) Jamestown phrase 2 (more modules and nuclear reacter) and mining equipment releasing next update download here: www.spacedock.com/kerbal-space-program/mods-that-don’t-exist/for-all-kerbalkind-123456
  10. 47 bottles of antimatter on the wall, 47 bottles of antimatter, Take one down, it blows up the wall (antimatter explodes when reacted with matter), 46 bottles of antimatter on the wall
  11. Banned for trying to ban people for human tendencies
  12. Well you are right. TUBM lives in the Earth (as in INSIDE the earth lol)
  13. ideas for celestial body’s: (1) a neutron star with 7 planets orbiting around (2) a moon orbiting a moon orbiting a moon orbiting a moon orbiting a planet (3) a binary star system which would probable be really hard to orbit new parts: 2.5m, 3.75m,5m (if mh) aerospikes because I really efficient engines for sstos and whatnot some Mk2, mk3 and wing parts with heat tiles at the bottom More nuclear stuff (engines, reactors, bombs etc) 10 meter, 15m and 20m parts because moar boosters! New manufacturer : frequent crashers inc (warenty not void)
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