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  1. @deathskull2011 It appears that I also experience this issue in my ksp install where the game also lags significantly when the orbit lines are flickering. It's probably just due to the large number of celestial bodies and their orbits the mod (and also any other kopernicus mod that adds a lot of planets) adds which have to be rendered when you first enter the map view. I found that entering physical timewarp (the one that goes up to 4x) before you enter map view can help reduce the time which the orbits flicker (and the game lags). However, this is by no means a full solution and I would very grateful if a this can be fixed (probably on the kopernicus forum thread though as I don't think this issue is specifically related to galaxies unbound). Hope this helps! But regardless of whether this issue is fixable, for me it is only an extremely minor issue as glitches and bugs are very common in ksp (the kraken... ) but unlike causing some which cause the entire game to crash, this only requires a few seconds and a bit of patience so the advantages definitely outweighs the downsides, as after all, who wouldn't want an entire galaxy to explore and play with in ksp? (thank you so much @StarCrusher96)
  2. I think the things i’m most excited for are colonies, interstellar travel and future technology, because what i always wanted to do in ksp is to launch crafts to recreate the kind of sci-fi world settings such as the world form “the expanse” (e.g. huge fusion ships, huge bases on every planet, etc.), a science fiction novel and tv show. With ksp2, the roadmap shows that we would be able to do them in the future, which would be much better than running ksp1 with 100+ mods and lagging my computer out to achieve what seems like only 10% of what could be possible with ksp2, as i’m very optimistic for what is coming up, so i would like to give a huge thank you to the dev team for all their hard work. I remember looking videos at early pre-alpha ksp compared to ksp 1.12 now, but ksp2 already seems much better than the latest version of ksp1, so just imagine what could happen after a few years of development. There is so much potential! I have always been a loyal player of ksp1 with a lot of hours logged and even if i don’t win the giveaway, i will definitely buy ksp2 at soon as possibile, Thank you @Intercept Games and the entire ksp2 team!
  3. To click or not to click, that is the question. Wait no that's obvious: the answer is definitely CLICK! @Abel Military Services found it
  4. CLICK! first unlock of 2023! happy new year everyone.
  5. Jeb’s SPACE-X rocket (now with 1000% moar booster and 100% less reliability) whose payload contains mild traces of radioactive byproducts that might cause cancer if kept in close proximity to life for more than 1 second.
  6. Great mod! Congrats on the release!Thank you so much for making this. I always wanted a stock scale sea dragon, especially with waterfall support.
  7. Which has been claimed by the Netherlands. https://what-if.xkcd.com/54/ Netherhill (totally not in Minecraft)
  8. Yes, that is the number of hills that I have now. What did you think I was doing when I was away. Well, off to make moar hills. See you in another 10^12 hours or so (with a margin of plus or minus 10^12 hours). Speaking of terra, BTW All my hills are on New Terra/Ilus safe on the other side of a ring gate. Good luck trying to sabotage it (It would be such a shame if something happened to it)
  9. Some incredibly efficient fusion engines and fuel tanks that can help you go to the other systems in gu without waiting a thousand or so years in game time.
  10. Nope its me. Who says you cant play ksp and be on the forums at the same time? @Rutabaga22?
  11. which is also hollow underneath. it collapses and creates an even bigger problem. My sinkhole of problems.
  12. Is there something that can be downloaded or a workaround that lets Mac users enjoy this brilliant mod? I know it says in the OP that macOS isn't supported, but I would really like to run this mod in my install. For reference I am using a 24-inch iMac with an Apple M1 chip running macOS Monterey. Thanks in advance.
  13. … whoops. (I assumed it was in dev since it was in add on releases.) But thanks anyway. At least keeping it in the overview ui would mean that it can be finished faster if someone makes this and it would be better on my potato pc.
  14. Great mod! Looking forward to it! Suggestion: perhaps you could make animations for the shuttles as instead of making them purely imaginary, you could add an animation for them arriving at/docking/leaving the depots when focused on vessel or something like that (e.g. launch animations from the KSC building select view, not sure if that can be done) and make it more realistic in a way. (for me when I use KSTS I feel that it would feel more realistic if the selected launches actually exist)
  15. Shouldn’t this be in add on disscussions? i recommend the MEV heavy industries mod (https://spacedock.info/mod/2621/MEV Heavy Industries (MEV)) which has some parts that have both high thrust and efficiency, but if you want things that are more realistic, far future technologies (https://spacedock.info/mod/2603/Far Future Technologies) will do. The latter is mainly overpowered in terms of efficiency (e.g. you can build craft that have burn times measured in days or months with an acceptable twr) but with less impressive thrust compared to the epstein drives from MEV heavy industries. Compared to MEV, far future technologies have great textures and plumes and there are a lot more parts and new resources,
  16. @G'th Great Mod! I know this is still a work in progress, but can you tell me the dependencies needed for ad astra (i.e. mods more than just eve and scatterer)? Will it support parallax? Thanks in advance and looking forward to the release.
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