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  1. SKYLON!!! and also a heavy interplanetary tug with epstein drives
  2. Jeb saw an orion drive (wait jeb no dpont press the big red button!) jeb saw a mushroom cloud
  3. banned for trying to ban someone for getting the banned back together
  4. The year of hills from the previous few posts is over, and the UN holy hill has been destroyed by the kerbals working there (since the event is over, they aren’t receiving their standard pay of 100 kickback srbs a day. They use their spare boosters to destroy the hill) i build a new hill. MY HILL
  5. Does this mod work with OPM (outer planets mod) and real exoplanets?
  6. Then i drop a unprotected, unshielded nuclear reactor onto the hill. Everything is cooked by radiation and vaporised by the heat. After a few centuries, it is safe again and i charge up the hill. I protect it with 10000000000000000000000000 landmines, ocean mines (link land mines in the sea but idk what to call them) and air mines (wait what?). then i sit back, play some ksp and wait.
  7. i dont think there is a mod that does that, but there is an alternate solution: i believe you should be able to add module air intake (or whatever it's called) to the procedural parts mod for procedural intake sizes But if you want a user defined amount of intake air or intake atm, then you probably need to make a new part module which would be more complicated.
  8. does ckan even work on mac? i tried but failed
  9. I'm pretty sure this isn't how a rocket launch is supposed to go Orbital colony Interstellar ship with far future tech and real exoplanets Colony on one of Sarnus' moons (Outer planets mod)
  10. SoonTM Currently building antimatter space tugs and fusion sstos (with the mod FFT). @ColdJ?
  11. Nope it's me As for you previous question about how much of space exploration i have kerbalised, the only logical reply is SOONTM! @Stormpilot are you there?
  12. sorry typo i ment the normal screenshots folder. remove them and put the pics u want in the usrloadingscreens folder
  13. for some reason after i downloaded this mod there are no radiators when i looked in the 'thermal' section. previously when i was using an older version i remember there were graphite radiators. without them every single endine overheats and shuts down within 5 secs, so they're pretty important for this mod to work are the graphite radiators in another mod, is there some problem with my install or is it a glitch or bug. thanks so much in advance
  14. yes. 100000000 random ants crawl out and try to sabotauge the mission.THE KSS DCT's engines fire unexpectly fire and the DCT is now on a collision course for a potential habitable planet in a star system far, far away. All comms, guidence and ship systems are lost when the ants ate the wires. With the upcomming impact at near lightspeed, what can they do?
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