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  1. the martian (a really good book that is actually related to botany)
  2. unlike the stock inventory system, kis works with every part, stock or modded, so i suggest some colonization mods that are designed to be built on-site such as wbi pathfinder (by angel-125).
  3. SOCK, Shuttle Lifting Body, Kipard Skylon all have good lifting body aircraft/spaceplane parts (download at spacedock)
  4. sorry, your soup seems to have solidified at room temperatures. Would you like another one? (no guarantee that it will not do the same so no refunds) Waiter! Why is there no soup in my soup?
  5. high energy laser beats interceptor missile
  6. this is absolutely possible, as the console version of ksp has a mun launchsite if you want a custom one (using a pc or mac obviously) you can use the kerbal konstructs mod, which allows you to create custom "statics" (buildings like the ksc) which can be set as launchpads.
  7. Correct! I am standing in my freezer for no reason whatsoever. TUBM is somewhere that is hot right now.
  8. Obviously. because the average pressure of space is 1 atm, with an 'atmosphere' of hydrogen and oxygen (try lighting a rocket engine in it lol. as said by the untrue fact telling machine, "it TOTALLY works")
  9. Because it's powered by exploding rainbows (which are multi coloured) Why is ksp laggy?
  10. Banned for turning angry birds into a supernova
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