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  1. 6 hours ago, Cupcake... said:

    Had a bit of fun in the Jool system. :)



    how do you control all the ships at the same time, i thought they might be one at first with a giant offset to make it appear like they are flying on their own but they change altitude and spin on their own axis too.

    how do you do it?

    also yet another great vid cupcake!

  2. I launched my first HKO (crewed) in my new science playthrough aboard the Merlin rocket

    Lift Off!!



    Leaving atmosphere



    Orbital Raise burn



    eye candy



    Scott Scott (his letteral name) touches down 6km off the KSC


  3. 50 minutes ago, Rutabaga22 said:

    I think pathfinder-like parts would be great for B2, but I think that's out of the scope for the mod considering the end of 2022 due date. Btw, is the end of 2022 a hard date or will you be willing t go over it to put the finishing touches on something you are close to finishing?

    even extendable parts on the rover that expand when your rover stops for the night or at a suitable site, like the original wagon part in B1, but more and not just storage or an passenger module, like greenhouses, a multipurpose room or even a module with tons of rooms for kerbals to sleep in.

    also considering the magic rotating seats and other parts the iva should be able to change, instead of just the part changing and the IVA staying the same.

    or an extendable docking port, like feline rover's one! (idk if B2 has one?)

  4. Did a couple mun missions today in my career save fil

    Merlin 2 landingX3UE8dR.png


    merlin 3 landingSqTVKiV.png

    When Hark got back to orbit it seemed that Vankel had disappeared, nowhere to be seen, craft intact tho.



    Merlin 3 re-entry4R1CA8O.png

    (kinda hot ngl)


  5. made an updated version of my Low tier SSTO


    didn't work as well as the previous model tho, and barely made it out of orbit,

    i might need to minimize surface area of the wings and replace command pod for a lighter one, maybe upgrade swivel to a mainsail or reliant

  6. 10 minutes ago, DeadJohn said:

    Would contract mode plus cheating funds meet your needs?

    you know what, I'm going to start a career and commit to it, tried it originally but that 1.11 when the bouncy landing gear was still a thing and would just destroy all of my contract planes instantly on landing.

    gives me a reason to install all those contract mods too.


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