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  1. why do the electric props in heisenbug use so much power also the same with the submarine engines and the VTOL prop engines in buffalo is there a way i can change this cus they look great but i can only use them for like 2 seconds before there out of power also cant wait for buffalo 2
  2. i like 1.12 but the new wheel module makes so many mods unable to work due to the new wheel models and system and most stock rovers on the mun or any other planet and now drift cars also crafts slide a ton. even rovers and bases any mods that can fix the wheel model and revert it back to 1.11's wheel model and physics
  3. I have an idea for a science lab mod and habitation it is a Mk1 crew cabin but repurposed as a science lab. it has a couple wires running around the outside and the interior has a laptop on the desk and a lab vitals. it also has another seat in the corner for another scientist. edit: i found out this is in KNES another part is a habitation moudle , its a crew cabin but instead of a table inside there is a bunk bed that can hold 2 kerbals. the exterior window also has the black outline around the outside like the science lab i would do this myself but i have no idea how to code so im a bit stumped. haha
  4. thanks, the mod worked after a bit of tinkering. but it has got rid of different variants on modded parts like station parts redux and near future construction
  5. is there a way to get the print shop to be able to make pathfinder parts. that would really help making bases
  6. I'm just saying i have an issue with this mod and this is the only mod I could find that welds docking ports together. I just want to be able to expand my space station in more than 5 fps (also i am using the latest version of ksp and version 1.7.3 of konstruction/the latest version)
  7. landed at the mun canyon after spotting it on a fly-by searching for science
  8. "Forgetting parachutes" "Not powering Probes" "Hitting the surface at 500 m/s" "Baiting the Kraken" "Forgetting Autostrut" "falling over" (nod to whenever the kerbals jump)
  9. I tried it on my Unmodded version and the same thing happens so it has to be konstruction, as soon as the mod is gone it works, (Ckan doesn't work either for it)
  10. I have tried using this for 1.12.2 but as soon as the save file opens all of the Command pods are gone. nothing else just everything in the command pod tab pls help
  11. the swimming could be possible with sunkworks as you can use scuba gear on a kerbal to sink them and make them swim underwater, and you can put a ballest control on any part and make a cyclops or seamoth, maybe even a prawn suit just using stock ore tanks that are full.
  12. can i use these in my Streams? they are amazing !
  13. or each player has emotes they can use (not paid/all unlocked) for mutiplayer like thumbs up and pointing and luaghing or doing an a-ok gesture
  14. it connects ksp 2 and ksp 1. i just thought it was a cool idea
  15. my textures are all grey and yes i do have the oss_mm_patch cfs file im playing on 1.12.2 btw. pls help Edit: i got it to work
  16. i have downloaded it and it just makes me go to part upgrades on the loading screen (im playing on 1.12.2) i have done everything for instalation but it just says part upgrades on the loading screen and never moves pls help
  17. imagine if when you loaded ksp 2 a cinematic (that you could skip) came on. jebediah is sitting outside of the mun or bust (main menu) rocket and is building a mun sandcastle, suddenly a massive shadow makes everything dark and jeb turns around to see a giant station (like the one in the trailer) flying over head and a smaller rocket detaching from it, it slows itself down and lands next to the mun or bust rocket and jeb climbs into the capsule and tells bill and bob the come outside and the step out to see the rocket towering over them and a kerbal step outs them fall down the rocket until he lands face first in front of them. then they look up and the KSP 2 logo appears above kerbin
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