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  1. Yes if you don't have RSS installed, use REX_StockNames.cfg to change names. Regarding placement, the current mod behavior is to place the exoplanets at real distances if you have RSS, and about 1/10th real distance if you are playing stock, which is a fair scaling for reasonable 'interstellar' distance in stock and has worked pretty well for me. If you want to manually edit positions instead, go to the star's .cfg file in \GameData\RealExoplanets\Systems\ I believe you can change 'semiMajorAxis' value to change how far the stars are from Kerbol.
  2. Good to hear, I've been afraid to move from 1.7/1.8 in case these mods don't work. The naming is just a quirk by the author, I edited the names in my REX_StockNames.cfg file to avoid confusion in Tracking/Science.
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