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  1. Howdy all, Got bored and remade an old train I tried to make a while back for a challenge thread about making trains. It's all vanilla and does not move very well, I've yet to get any sort of stable flight no matter what wing configuration I use. If you try to get it to fly, be warned that it pulls to the left- the cause is the wing section behind the module- it is slightly off centre. Ship is located: https://kerbalx.com/Eppiox/Central-Pacific Hope you like it!
  2. Ahhh here is some shots from an older attempt I had at this, 600 odd sepratrons and still could not get this monster into orbit, needed a faster pc for just a few more stages.
  3. Ahhh well... i've not used KAS, and I thought 'hmm how can I do this challenge... without doing this challenge!' so I made the same thing with a giant ladder... then read no ladders allowed.. Here is my second attempt Also nice grapple machines! I understand if you don't count this
  4. From an older challenge I remember this gem, http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/39947-From-the-launchpad-to-the-Mun-in-13-seconds?p=512316#post512316 I was messing around for a solid 2~3 hours but could not make any contraptions that worked (sas keeps exploding/falling off), perhaps this sparks an evil genius idea in someone else's head good luck if you attempt it!
  5. Here is my attempt, without oxidiser hax MechJeb was used to keep thing stable, it works better with the longer tanks but I wanted to be difficult xD 229 / 1440 * 100 = 15.9%
  6. Well that was much harder to get into the water than I thought! All those rockets are the tiny ones used to slow my self down the earth slope after the run way. Are people doing it that way? Driving them into the water? If someone could give a quick tip on entering the water would be much appreciated as anything faster then 10m/s means my hover boat parts become one with the ocean. Ignore my trophy debris You guys have great ships !
  7. 4622m/s here, Using mechjeb for this is not great as one can turn it off and it stops counting, manual orbit = 0 measured delta v.
  8. This may count... it's not that heavy but it's quite large. Also awesome bounce at the end, that module can take a pounding. Edit: Survived 150ms using the same ship, seems that I always survive under 120ms, but over that is sketchy, so far about 3 of 10 have blown up over 120ms.
  9. I don't know what what challenges this qualifies for any more I can't get it into orbit without MechJeb, good luck It is a fun ship to fly. http://imgur.com/a/RaYFB
  10. Ended my flight !! but final speed was only 9890 ms/s -ish. My second attempt.. which I also ended >:| was around 16000ms/s but that was measured at around 300Gkm-ish. Either way it was my 'get into orbit using only atomic engines' ship and I whacked on a huge chain of other rockets, was a fun challenge and something I've never done! Like sun diving! (Not sure if I did it right
  11. OH well.. I tried to double up the force but it does not seem to work. Seems the initial boost from one exhaust is too great to count the others. http://imgur.com/a/axEbn
  12. I can't even do this without the restrictions xD
  13. Ah! over 50k club finally ! Using that double engine trick helped get a huge boost at the start, however the fps are crippling with this ship. It runs less than 1 fps on the launch pad with a stock i5 2500k. Also mid flight.. parts seem to fly off at around 10k but it's hard to make out. Also I can only seem to get 1 in 6 launches off as it explodes most of the time . http://imgur.com/a/dTD9J *Some engines refuse to mount.
  14. Using something like Neo's I made it 48.75km, I kept adding to get the result below but even with <1L of fuel left in the tanks before you drop off in climbing speed I was still under. Seems more jets does not work :~( Next step is multiple stages maybe http://imgur.com/uf9pN
  15. My best rocket can get to 39.3km. If I Eva I can get to this How does your rocket launch off so fast at the start?
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