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  1. Bruh Still, Early 2023 is better than 2023
  2. XKCD? More like Xenon! *The diner lights up with a blinding blue glow* Ill have the Daily special
  3. Simple answer YES Maybe with some Angara parts as well as improved soyuz
  4. Its a glitch as old as time, however, this is a mod to fix it.
  5. Hello @Admiral Fluffy @Stormpilot?
  6. Reading it right now, One of the best books ive read, great book, great author (also my favorite astronaut).
  7. 2425 You walk into the Kerbonaut quarters and decide to play a round of pool with Bill.
  8. 2421 You open the door to see BuranAce working on yet another monstrous rocket, "Take a test flight!" Buran insists. The rocket, having a poor TWR falls over and explodes as you shockwave propels you to the next floor.
  9. 2419 You walk into a small museum featuring your old crafts from deleted saves, it fills you with nostalgia.
  10. - "Kentucky Fried Kerbal". Have you ship destroyed to heating - "Double Trouble". Orbit either rask or rusk
  11. Not kerbal related but this is my first post from my Oculus quest 2! Speaking of which is there a kerbal VR mod?
  12. After many Pepsis, Pringles and mental breakdowns. I docked my shuttle to a space station me and @Kadermonkey made!
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