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  1. I don't have pictures since I'm not at home, but all the vehicles from a save that I was accessing from a different computer but with the same mods, says that stages that have fuel and the correct engine for that stage have no Delta V and the info thing is blank next to the Delta V for each stage when you expand it.
  2. Hi, I recently tried downloading your mod on a different computer so I can continue the same save. It seems that tweakscale does not like it for some reason and does that thing where it makes you quit KSP. I am on the latest version of KSP with the latest version of Tweakscale
  3. Hey @Vanamonde, is it possible if you can please change my name to "Toasty Dyna-Soar" Cheers,
  4. Got to say, this is another epic mission report. Thanks for making this!
  5. This mods is a total life saver when part sizes aren't the same or you want a better looking part smaller/bigger to fit in place of a worser one. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, I totally agree with you. Yet some people like that grind and made it even more "grindier" and realistic with mods like RP-1 so I guess some people maybe would enjoy it.
  7. Sounds interesting! I think KSP2 will just continue with the regular sandbox, adventure, etc. types of game modes. Yet I do think a mod could be made for this to happen just like RP-1. If a mod for this is made, I would happily play it (since my computer can barely handle RP-1 with reasonable fps) as a substitute for it.
  8. Most likely @Akagi since I doubt the X-20 would be able to hold up for a interplanetary journey like so. Gravitational forces would probably rip it apart.
  9. KSP 2, will turn my computer into an airplane that I will be able to fly by varying the thrust of the fans by placing parts down.
  10. If you put Jeb in a rocket, he might, *just might* not crash so called rocket.
  11. 8/10, usually see you at least 3-5 times a day I go on for the forums.
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