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  1. Yeah I'm really hoping we get some regolith domes / sub-surface tunnels, like we had in Antarctica (previous bases).
  2. This man knows what he wants and he knows how to ask for it
  3. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you kids and your logical counter arguments
  4. Even if Dres has very high concentrations of Uranium, why does that make it worth visiting? In KSP1 people usually just wait a longer time to mine in convenient areas that may have low 'ore' concentrations, I think it will stay that way in KSP2. Perhaps we'll need huge quantities of Uranium for Orion drive fuel, so much so that even with time-warp it would take an annoying length of time to mine on Kerbin. An automated delivery system would make the transport process less tedious, and mining on Dres worthwhile from a gameplay perspective. Or, Dres has something which we can't find on Kerbin at all
  5. For what it's worth, I never considered Minmus to be icy, the flats remind me of Uyuni in Bolivia. A mysterious kind of salt, why can't that be the case?
  6. Is it just me but.. DebDeb.. Donk... Did they run out of ideas for names?
  7. I would gladly trade all future episodes in favour of a release date (even just the month).
  8. Now the real challenge would be 'starting' your space Program on Ovin (just send a miniscule colony) in order to simulate the progression of an intelligent species on a world with super high gravity. Imagine what the aeroplanes will look like.. Let alone the rockets. I wonder how high we'll be able to construct buildings too. I'm also quite worried about the graphical 'cutting' on the terrain, we've seen this on previous world teasers and it looks to be getting worse if anything. I hope I'm misguided and this is just caused by the footage being sourced from a test scene, and not real gameplay.
  9. Nice but haven't we already seen engine exhausts? I seem to be the only person who's disappointed, we waited 2 weeks to see something we've already seen before, just in more detail. In my opinion, it would have been much cooler to see something about colony construction, boat / dock functionality etc.
  10. I've seen people mention this, and for the life of me I can't find any image / video of this. If you have time, could you screenshot it for me please? I'm so curious
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