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  1. Question timeeeeee *clicks slender, nerdy fingers and adjusts spectacles* 1. Can you confirm if we will be getting water/liquid based vehicular capability, colony construction, and whether these will be possible underwater too? 2. I've heard rumours there will be no electronic propeller parts in KSP2, is this true? If so, do you think there's a chance they'll be added in future? (base game, not mods) 3. Is Jebediah Kerman a secret majority shareholder of Intercept Games? If so, what is he like to work for?
  2. You'll be able to buy directly from their website
  3. Seeing the initial title and video description, I became a singularity of hype, the human consciousness cannot fathom such levels. After watching the video however, I must be honest and say that the exclusion of colonies, 'science' and interstellar travel is disappointing, in my mind what differentiates KSP2 from the original is the colonies and interstellar travel. I initially thought early access would be addressing polish and optimisation more so than game defining features. But we have to face the reality that the team are still not ready, and this is a stop-gap to prevent yet another (untenable) delay to the release date. Being able to play the game at all is far more desirable than another year or two of nothing. I only hope the roadmap will progress at a good rate. I was very pleased to see team members from KSP1 in the video
  4. Yeah I'm really hoping we get some regolith domes / sub-surface tunnels, like we had in Antarctica (previous bases).
  5. This man knows what he wants and he knows how to ask for it
  6. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you kids and your logical counter arguments
  7. Even if Dres has very high concentrations of Uranium, why does that make it worth visiting? In KSP1 people usually just wait a longer time to mine in convenient areas that may have low 'ore' concentrations, I think it will stay that way in KSP2. Perhaps we'll need huge quantities of Uranium for Orion drive fuel, so much so that even with time-warp it would take an annoying length of time to mine on Kerbin. An automated delivery system would make the transport process less tedious, and mining on Dres worthwhile from a gameplay perspective. Or, Dres has something which we can't find on Kerbin at all
  8. For what it's worth, I never considered Minmus to be icy, the flats remind me of Uyuni in Bolivia. A mysterious kind of salt, why can't that be the case?
  9. Is it just me but.. DebDeb.. Donk... Did they run out of ideas for names?
  10. I would gladly trade all future episodes in favour of a release date (even just the month).
  11. Now the real challenge would be 'starting' your space Program on Ovin (just send a miniscule colony) in order to simulate the progression of an intelligent species on a world with super high gravity. Imagine what the aeroplanes will look like.. Let alone the rockets. I wonder how high we'll be able to construct buildings too. I'm also quite worried about the graphical 'cutting' on the terrain, we've seen this on previous world teasers and it looks to be getting worse if anything. I hope I'm misguided and this is just caused by the footage being sourced from a test scene, and not real gameplay.
  12. Nice but haven't we already seen engine exhausts? I seem to be the only person who's disappointed, we waited 2 weeks to see something we've already seen before, just in more detail. In my opinion, it would have been much cooler to see something about colony construction, boat / dock functionality etc.
  13. I've seen people mention this, and for the life of me I can't find any image / video of this. If you have time, could you screenshot it for me please? I'm so curious
  14. I used to do this back in KSP1 just for fun. Flying a mission to the north pole (takes about 30 mins if I remember correctly). Landing, walking around a bit on the ice and feeling empty inside. Good times! Even if we ignore the likely science benefits, being able to construct new space centres anywhere means we'll definitely find some cool places to turn into playgrounds, valleys, canyons, mountains, the giant crater on Kerbin. Can't wait
  15. We'll definitely have Laythe. Don't forget to pack your coconut bikinis and winter jackets!
  16. I don't want any more delays, so if adding this means we need to wait even longer then I'd prefer this as a DLC. However the idea of underwater and floating colonies is very cool, which is more than enough reason to add them into the game. Imagine boring / melting your way down into a sub-surface ocean and setting up shop there.
  17. Yeah I'm always a bit concerned when I hear the devs say something like 'the game is about building and flying rockets'. I hope that refers more to micro-management of colonies and resources rather than limiting other activities, such as building boats or hot air balloons (my dream to launch to orbit from a high altitude on Eve). From your list, I think the most likely feature that will be included in KSP2 will be custom flags, they know that Youtubers etc will want to use this.
  18. Now we're talking. We'll be able to play on Mars by then too
  19. Can't wait to see what other worlds there will be which are 'Kerbin like'. Gurdamma is an obvious contender so far
  20. You cheeky monkey First base on Mun will be Jamestown. After that I really have no idea. It took me 2 years to think of a name for my first interstellar ship so I'll get back to you lol
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