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  1. i dont stop developing it. i just dont want to confuse anyone and may reupload it when it has more content i haven't seen any other mod that does something like that and i just wanted to try out if it was possible
  2. so after some testing i came to the conclusion that the plugin does nothing and doesn't even got loaded. I didn't want to spread wrong information and I' going to take the plugin down(for now). but if someone wants to help me coding a working plugin I will continue developing it.
  3. i dont know why it is not working for you and i'm sorry for that. I actualy don't know why it works for me. I play with about 5-6gb of mods and without this mod it loads for about 1-3h but with it is around 30min. in addition my pc is a real potato(intel i5 mobile vversion; 8bg2400 Ram; integrated gerfics card)
  4. but rendering whit uncapet framerat can put a lot of stress on your system especially on low end pcs.
  5. yes but it is manly for the loading screen because there is no fps cap(if I remember corectly)
  6. no. my system isn't even close to 60 fps but it got stabelised at about 15-30 fps. i think it has something to do with vsync and it also speeds up the loading but i don't knwo how it does that one point on my todo list is a config to modify the target framerat but i don't no how to do that(yet).
  7. I don't know how to work with .gitignore files so i deleted the folder
  8. NOT WORKING KSP-performance-fix I don't know how but for me it cut the loading time in half and improves the performance. My intention was to set a fps limit to the loading screen but it did a little mor than that. Sorry for my bad english. I would be very happy for feedback. License: GNU GPLv2 Github is set to Private download+source(Github) https://github.com/Leo0806-studios/KSP-performance-fix Issues(Github) https://github.com/Leo0806-studios/KSP-performance-fix/issues NO LOG = NO SUPPORT
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