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  1. Also, if this mod is combined with the partmodule decouplers from the ORDA you can have staged remotetech probes.
  2. I'm so glad that a 0.17 fix has arrived; all my old remotetech spacecraft were useless untill this mod came out
  3. Duna, Eve, Aerobreaked over Jool, Laythe and Bop.
  4. An extreme aerocapture manouver over Jool goes horribly wrong when I'm accidentally captured by Laythe on a collision course after the manouver is over
  5. How did they possibly get the docking to work when time is accelerated?
  6. Can you sign me up for a turn? And can I request that you allow MMI's Kethane as an extra mod?
  7. you could replace those liquid engines with aerospike ones - they tend to be more efficient
  8. It'll also be by far the easiest world to land on. Even an ion drive should do it.
  9. My solution has been to simply attach the probes nose-first to a decoupler or radially. I also have a similar bug where engines (wherever they might be positioned) simply drop off the probe after it is decoupled. In one arrangement, I had three probes attached radially by their fuel tanks. When they decoupled, the MMI ion engines (two on each probe) just fall off the body of the ship, but the regular liquid engine (one on each probe) stayed on and worked fine when I loaded up the probe. Is it relevant that I was actually using the probes' ion engines when they were attached to the main body of the ship but not the probes' liquid engines? Here is the vessel in question with probes attached:
  10. K I understand - but aside from this little problem it's a great mod and I'm looking forward to the full version of Kethane.
  11. I didn't expect to detect any pockets of kethane on Kerbin, but the map screen is just showing black and the latitude and longditute meters are stuck on 0.000. I am only using one control module, one sensor and one converter.
  12. My detection mode doesn't seem to be working properly - it only illuminates a tiny line on the map and says that nothing is detected