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  1. Banned for something I just don't remeber
  2. I think it would be cool to see Antimatter reactors if you could do that @Nertea
  3. Yeah hate to cause havoc but now i can't edit my constructed craft Edit: sorry and thank you in advance
  4. I don't think so but my problem started today and i'm sure it's the mod, i think it conflicting with another mod but i cannot be sure which one. I'll report back when i find the issue.
  5. I can't build anything and i don't know what is causing this kraken attack
  6. I'm having a problem with the Kerbitats, there not showing any hab options .
  7. *INHALES* Far future tech, deepfreeze, EVS, MKS, stock alike space station parts redux, EPL, Heat control, hyper edit, KAS, KIS, KPBS, Kerbal atomics, kerbal engineer, Kerbal reusability expansion, KSP recall, Mechjeb2, NF electric prop propulsion and solar, Persistent thrust, Planetary domes, Radical engines, Scansat, sstu, tweakscale, USI LS and warp drive
  8. I got it by copying everything in the game data directory and pasting it in the ksp game data
  9. I have everything in the game data downloaded and didn't fix the expandables
  10. I have a few things I need to address All expandable part auto extend and I can't retract them and the Habs and Greenhouses don't work with USI LS
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