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  1. I agree, HonkHogan's ASET for MH is great. My usual go to IVA as it matches the functional DE_IVA style. The only other Mk2 pod I can find is Snakeru's Mk2 MAS beta. See: https://github.com/harveyt/reviva#076-release---moar-iva-and-bdb-24th-sep-2022 Latest Reviva 0.7.6 release includes a config to support it, it's actually a zip in a GitHub Issue for MAS - lol. Very retro, but pretty good.
  2. Do you have both RPM and MAS installed? If not, that might be why. I don't have Tundra Exploration (shockingly - I've still got about 30 mods to install that might include that), so I've not seen that issue yet. It might be that some MAS IVA assume that only MAS is needed, and without that update script those components won't work. If you have RPM, then it might be because unless an RPM computer module is added to the IVA, it won't work. You can have both RPM and MAS running, but the IVA has to specify that: the only one I can think of that does that is the UltimateShuttle IVA. I'm not sure otherwise, without actually trying this out. I face similar kinds of weird issues all the time with 250+ mods installed at once.
  3. I have 250+ mods, and all the IVA mods Reviva supports. Give it a go, if not, head over to the Reviva thread and I might be able to help.
  4. Yeah, it's from a MAS addon by @MOARdV - https://github.com/MOARdV/MOARdVPlus - pretty old, originally meant for the FASA Apollo, I added MM configs in Reviva for it and the Glass variant to work for modern BDB. You'd need that, MAS (Avionics System) instead of (or as well as) RPM. Note that I never modify or supply IVA mods, Reviva does it's magic via MM configs and B9PartSwitch and a small helper DLL. The others are detailed in the Reviva README, which has a list of links to the various downloads supported at https://github.com/harveyt/reviva#dependency-summary The Starilex one (Mercury) is very new for Stock Mk1 (RPM), the Snakeru is actually a zip in a MAS GitHub issue (beta) for Mk2 and so that uses MAS. I added Reviva support for BDB from any IVA for equivalent stock / MH pods because "moar IVA is better". I'd also recommend looking at the Warbirds IVA set, they are marvellous, as good as ASET but retro.
  5. I also upgraded to 1.22.2 today (from what I'm not sure, probably 1.21 given dates of updates), also have BDB + BDBNIC (plus 240 more mods), and it was hanging. Removing BDBNIC solved the hang. Somehow BDBNIC and KSPCF are exhibiting Quantum Entanglement.
  6. Update 0.7.6 of Reviva (for RPM/MAS IVA switching) now supports1 Hermes (Mercury), Vinci (Gemini), Kane (Apollo), and Sinai (LEM) IVAs from various stock IVAs. See the above post. I did not make these IVA, merely configs for Reviva & BDB. There are plenty of other RPM and MAS configs for various tech levels/features for these BDB pods, these are the best looking retro style though (IMHO). Reviva means you can switch from the original BDB most non-functional to one of many RPM and/or MAS IVA in the editor or even while in flight. Hermes - RPM + Starilex Mk1 IVA Vinci - MAS + Snakeru Beta Mk2 IVA Kane - MAS + MOARdVPlus Mk1-3 IVA Sinai - MAS + Max-Ksp MEM
  7. KSRSS could turn into "Post actual images from LEO" and I doubt anyone would notice. Amazing work.
  8. Now has support for some more MAS IVA: Max-KSP's, SABS and even Snakeru's beta IVA (which is hidden away in a GitHub issue). Details in the above post. Bonus: BDB if installed has equivalent IVA for Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and LEM. See https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/main/README.md#support-progress for what IVAs are now supported in 0.7.6 - I've tagged those which use MAS, and also added "Best Realistic" and "Best Functional". I'm definitely driven by my own personal career game - I just got to launching a Kerbal and wanted better BDB support for Mercury and Gemini. ;-)
  9. Reviva (IVA switching) 0.7.6 now supports some of these excellent IVA: Mk1, Mk2, Mk1-3, MEM only so far. But also has the BDB equivalents if that's installed.
  10. Reviva, which allows in-editor and in-flight switching between any support IVA now includes support for this mod. It's just too good not to. As a bonus, the equivalent BDB LEM and Apollo can use this IVA also.
  11. In the interim, I just release Reviva 0.7.6 which has support for this excellent Mk1 IVA. I also awarded it "Best Realistic" IVA for that pod. Also adds BDB support for equivalent Hermes / Mercury.
  12. 0.7.6 Release - Moar IVA and BDB (24th Sep 2022) Adds: Support for: Starilex Intra-Vehicular Solutions - an excellent retro Mk1 pod. Available for Stock Mk1 and BDB Hermes / Mercury CM. Uses RPM. Max-Ksp MAS IVA Pack - excellent retro Mk1-3 and MEM pods. Available for Stock Mk1-3, Making History MEM, BDB Kane / Apollo, Sina / LEM. Uses MAS. SABS_IVA: MAS-enabled IVA - partial support (it provides a full set of Stock and Making History pods using MAS) for Mk1, Mk2, Mk1-3, MEM and BDB equivalents. Uses MAS. These are work-in-progress, I may add configs for everything else later. Snakeru's Mk2 Pod IVA - excelent retro style Mk2. Available for Stock and BDB Vinci / Gemini. Note that this is a ZIP file in a GitHub issue and is Beta, but to me is the best retro MAS style IVA for the Mk2. Here's some pictures of the reason why I made this release, some decent retro style Stock / BDB command modules. HUGE THANKS to @Ailex, @Max-Ksp, @SingABrightSong, and @snakeru who did all the hard work of building these amazing IVA. Starilex Mk1 / Hermes / Mercury Snakeru's Beta MAS Mk2 / Vinci / Gemini Max-Ksp's MEM / Sina / LEM
  13. I had a closer look at the 1.0 version, this is a very excellent Mk1 CM, congrats! Is this RPM and MAS based? From what I could tell it seems to be all RPM, in which case MAS isn't really a dependency. I'm looking forward to 1.1 with Reviva support, let me know if you need any help. GitHub doesn't seem to have these changes, no hurry though, I know finding time can be tricky.
  14. Plane contracts are a fun diversion from space. Welcome! Some ideas, you may have thought of these already... Circumnavigate the world. Probably would need waypoints and I'm not sure if you can say "never exceeds alt X" to avoid cheating. Land at the top of a mountain. I've done this, it's usually bad. Fly the river (that long one) at Mach 2+ (or something ridiculous) Pull up. Pull up. Fly at less than 100m from the ground from point A to B (with hills and stuff) at Mach 1+. Mach Loop. Fly through the mountain canyons at high speed, like the real life one. Shoot the target. Detach a stage from aircraft which impacts something. Halo Jump. Jump from an aircraft from above 10000m, open the parachute under 100m and survive.
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