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  1. Yeah, the 1.875m fairing is wonk, but can be fixed with a ModuleManager patch (rescales the height) courtesy of @Vandest in this post:
  2. This is a very cool idea indeed! I could see a whole host of things that could be used for this - rack mounted science is the obvious one, but also EVA fixing of satellites - eg. telescopes. One mod (Cacteye I believe) sort of does something like that. I had a somewhat similar "could be an issue" in Reviva, which dynamically adds/removes RPM and/or MAS computer modules in-flight - in order to remove or add modules, I made sure to keep them at the same module index - from memory the module add/remove operations are kinda weird, and I'm not 100% sure, but I think module indices may be used by some systems: https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/bd3c8f96a67f62cb5691abf6aa23f1cce552acfd/plugin/BaseComputer.cs#L185 This might help (or might not), feel free to copy any code (a comment to say where from might be good though). The idea was to first destroy the module, which probably leaves a gap in the module list, then add the module using the API which would correctly updating counts and table sizes, but would always appened. Then if it wasn't at the right index, to remove it and manually add it back at the right index if possible. Kinda hacky, but it seems to work. The above code probably only works because the previous module is always destroyed, for your case adding/removing dynamically is probably much more complex because there might only be adds or removes. It's somewhat complicated by the fact the part.Modules is actually a class PartModuleList and you can either use Part.RemoveModule() or PartModuleList.Remove() - brain cannot remember, but they're slight different in what they do. Lots of trial and error :-( My guess is somebody like @blowfish(author of B9PartSwitch) will probably know way more (and more accurately/correctly) about such things.
  3. @G'th is correct in that a recent release of Reviva added compatibility with @MOARdV's MAS and MOARdVPlus's Apollo CM, so that it works with more recent BDB releases - the Apollo CM has the DSKY, as shown in the above thread which has a picture. I think it's more of an info display rather than a fully functional programmable thing. It's a pretty good, mostly complete retro style IVA with some neat Saturn specific switches (that I mostly got working again), FDAI and a non-canon green screen CRT, but there's also a more futuristic version with MFDs (and still DSKY/FDAI type devices). FYI: Reviva is a mod that allows you to easily switch IVA from variants using B9PartSwitch. The README lists a lot of IVA mods, some of which Reviva supports currently (and hopefully eventually all of them and more, but modding for me is a very part time job)
  4. The solution in terms of building tail draggers with AP for me has been to rotate and lower the aircraft so front and rear wheels touch the ground in the hangar, then use Precise Editor and/or Editor Extensions to ensure the wheels are exactly perpendicular and forward aligned. Tedious, but the aircraft will then not bounce on launch and behave properly. Typically building an aircraft you need to do this anyway to make sure the AoA, ground clearance, prop clearance, etc are good.
  5. @JonnyOThanhas released KSA IVA pack with Reviva support in that mod itself, with quite a few IVA for stock: Mod authors who want to provide ModuleManager patches for Reviva can check out the action here: https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KSA-IVA-Upgrade/blob/main/GameData/KSA/IVAUpgrade/Patches/Mk1_Pod.cfg Note that this works because Reviva already provides the MM patches to set up switching for stock parts, there would be more MM magic required if it were a new part or one without Reviva support already. I can certainly help figure it out.
  6. This is the best bug fix everrr. Such an annoying bug that required restarting KSP. Thanks all!
  7. You seem to have 1.3.3 of MAS, so I'm not sure. Previous version, may have left a file: Check GameData/MOARdV/Patches/AsetToMasUpgrade.cfg, if that exists remove it, or rename it to GameData/MOARdV/Patches/AsetToMasUpgrade.nocfg If it's not that, not sure.
  8. It would be incredible if you could fix this bug, it's one of those rare but truely annoying and persistent bugs that if you dig into it, a lot of people get, but only rarely. The description of it being a distant sound source does jive with some people saying (and my experience) it seemed to occur only when scene switching with distant vessels. When you say "the fix", does that possibly mean you might fix it? If so, it might be one of those bug fixes for the KSP Community Fixes mod? Just a thought, possibly easier to put it in RSE with a toggle and/or cfg setting and perhaps mention the fix on that thread? Whatever... however it's fixed it'd be very good news.
  9. Niiice. Thank you very much. Those two were on the list to add support for, but you have indeed done the work. I shall add them and your other fix, perhaps today. https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/issues/8 I've tried to make a list of every IVA I could find, and intend to go through them all eventually, or hope that the mod authors provide patches, list is here: https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/main/README.md#dependency-summary If anyone wants to help like this, I am very very happy to accept patches to Reviva, or alternatively help mod authors. I'm very happy to see you active, now that, I guess, school is out or nearly out for summer! Looking forward to some Warbird cockpit improvements - they are very cool indeed. I'm still playing UKS with BDB, KSRSS - with patches I posted, a lot of fun. Though I spotted you thinking about using something other than UKS...
  10. Any way (I have no idea what I'm talking about) to have some sort of "Mixed" - which is AirSim or Muffled Vacuum that dynamically switches when crossing some low atmospheric pressure setting - that might be abrupt I suppose. For people who are mad, is there a way to actually have both at the same time - AirSim _then_ Muffled (?) - basically I'd want either depending on what I'm doing (flying a plane, in sppaaaace). If this is a pipe dream, never mind. I'm just happy an update is coming! Yay!
  11. https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sounding-rockets/videos/index.html - particularly anything from NASA Wallops launch site. On YouTube it was https://www.youtube.com/user/NASAWallops - I think this is the first one I saw, then I watched a bunch of others. What's subtle, and I'm guessing, is from these videos the launcher attitude slowly changes, probably due to wind/weather.
  12. Definitely room for complementary sounding rockets with BDB - I very much like the look! I definitely noticed in the early game using BDB, KSRSS 2.5x and a probes-before-crew (UKS with patches for BDB rebalance). There's not much super early on that's equivalent - Scout and Vanguard are good for sub-orbital to orbital, but nothing suitable before that. I suspect these would be useful for various early to mid science missions "above 18km" and at various places around the globe. Modular Launch Pads has some decent rail launchers to go with these. Been watching some NASA Wallops sounding rocket launch videos recently - quite different from larger rockets. Poof.Woosh.Gone.
  13. Well spotted - if @h3nt41c0m1c5wants the Missing History pods or other command pods to have IVA, then I'd recommend both: To make things even easier, if you use my mod "Reviva", it'll allow you to install as many IVA as are supported (the above two and all of ASET are, plus a few more) and switch them in-game or in-flight. The GitHub readme for Reviva lists a ton of IVA mods: https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/main/README.md
  14. When I get the chance, I'll take a look, but I'd need a bit more info (since I'd have to clone your set up and try to load the save files): A list of mods you have installed, if you use CKAN: File -> Save installed mod list... A list of any non-CKAN mods you've manually installed A recent KSP.log (or Player.log, either is fine for me) No promises I can help, or help quickly, as I tend only to get KSP play/modding time occasionally (though I'll read the forum in a break :-)). I've found diagnosing these kinda things can take quite a while. Usually my technique is a) Google/KSP Forum search for anything that seems involved to see if anyone else found the issue b) cloning the setup on a seperate build, trying to replicate with a completely new save and build of rockets with less mods, often removing most of the mods and slowly re-adding. I've long ago made my KSP install completely automated (using ckan.exe and shell scripting), exactly because I've had issues that have taken weeks to figure out.
  15. Reviva does do some weird stuff with RPM and MAS computers, so I'd not be super suprised if I broke something and it's getting saved. If building a completely new ship without any mods (except RPM and the IVA) shows the same behaviour then it'd be isolated to those things. I had a look at the sfs file, those numbers are uuid so the IVA and RPMComputer can match up - you have two IVA and both _seem_ to be present and correct with the right numbers matching up.
  16. All 22 people who use IVA cried out "Hey!" - but we're glad it's optional and off by default. Muahahah. You will eventually get curious and try flying with an IVA enabled ship and then there will be 23 people!
  17. This is almost certainly a bug in stock KSP - rocket sounds disappear without RSE. I've seen it with and without personally (it's fairly rare). One theory I heard is that somehow the audio engine gets confused with relation to the "floating origin" (anti-Kraken) - so your engine is actually much further away. I've not seen anyone that has a solution.
  18. Oh my, that's excessively good support for an item browser. Above and beyond. Alphathon go Alpha nowwww. We wants it. Hmmm, now I'm thinking... what would happen if you could only build ships this way, even back at the KSC. Weird Minecraft mode KSP.
  19. FYI. I made a patch for KSRSS x2.5 scale to "Where Can I Go?" - basically an in-editor automatic delta-V map utility - it shows a tabular/color coded a summary of your rocket build's capability to get to orbit, geo, Moon, Mars etc. I found it useful in stock, so I did this when I started KSRSS. Based off a delta-V map posted here and checked against half RSS full scale delta-V map, but I could have easily made mistakes, so always double check with other sources, not responsible for loss of expensive equipment or missing Kerbals.
  20. Yes, that IVA picture is from their own hand built IVA that's unreleased (as yet hopefully). It's very nice, including the rear view mirror, which as far as I know, is pretty unique.
  21. Unfortunately Alexustas the author hasn't been around for some time. Unlikely this would get any updates. For rendezvous with motherships from the surface, not that I've tried it, but supposedly if you set the mothership as target either MechJeb or KER will display information about launch times and/or headings to get into the same plane - read that somewhere else, but can't confirm if that's accurate.
  22. Thanks again for the great detailed response! I've also noticed some issues with the Caged Inline Mk1 where some of the geometry overlaps the AG buttons on the right side. With Reviva I'm initially doing the minimum amount of "fixing" IVA so they at least load, once I get through most of them, I'll try to go back to add or update any issues - but I'd probably do so by contacting the original authors and either passing them the fixes for their mod, or if they're not around either adopting them, or as last resort fixing it in Reviva. The idea is Reviva is the switcher, and might provide it's own minor alterations - swapping out some MFD like you suggested is something I can do somewhat easily. For these issues, let's see if @theonegalenhas time to take a look - I've seen him around. If you have GitHub, copy-paste the above into an issue on https://github.com/theonegalen/WarbirdCockpits - that way they don't get lost.
  23. It's a real shame Alexustas's MAS work seems to be lost, except for the videos. They're very complex and clever. They're good for ideas though. I also enjoy watching @vulkansvideos for inspiration. I'd love to have the time to work out kOS and/or help updating some of the MAS MFDs, build some IVA, learn Blender/Unity, etc. etc. but then I have real work, life and playing KSP. As for MFD functionality, the things missing for me are present in some form in RPM or kOS: Landing ILS (NavUtils), Science info/control, Node planning/editing, so yeah, it's hard to know what things are important. There's too much that could be done. Ensuring the MechJeb / Autopilot / Attitude and Manoeuvre viewing/planning/editing is great. That's what I use the most. One thing that would be nice is an MFD science display/info/execution page: what science could be done here, has been done, stored, transmitted. That's quite a complex and involved thing though, which is why I've not seen it done.
  24. Touchscreen MFD - I know they were available on some mods (Flying Saucers, Rodan?) - but I've never got round to trying them. I think I'll be adding some variants of existing IVA with these enabled in Reviva - for example, in the Mk1-3 I already have variants of the DE_IVA (and ASET I think) that swap out some ASET MFD for MAS ones. I've noticed that the IFMS MFD when paired with the keyboard is more useful for autopilot, but the other is more useful for other things, so I should really have the alternatives have both: so perhaps "High Tech" would have those, and "Near Future" have these? I dunno. Love it though. Happy to help test.
  25. Thanks for the feedback, I shall check - it's python code, but there's lots of human input in that code. I've been playing through (at Tier 3 now) and noticed the Vanguard second stage engine (L87) isn't available early enough, and the Titan L91 is too early (perhaps), but the LV-T05 works as a replacement. Also noticed the Atlas tanks and some other stuff turning up in weird places. The other likely balancing issues will be around Tier 7, 8, 9 when Saturn parts become available: since BDB, MH and SXT all supply similar parts (but BDB is I think 5m, and MH/SXT are 3.5m). I decided to try to leave everything enabled, but group engines by power and tanks by capacity, but there's so much stuff. Just be aware that moving things around in Tech Trees while playing career can cause "Missing Part" issues - I use Part Wizard Continued - which can help a bit, so when I make changes and post them it's "Buyer Beware".
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