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  1. Also... ... which has a BG compatible stuff: servo controller, more servos (Canadarm) and SLOTH. Also Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit (SOCK) comes with some robotics/canadarm. There's also an Inverse Kinematics mod or two (in-dev), plus I suppose BG itself, DockRotate, winches from KAS, Konstruction, perhaps Coriolis Systems (for deployable tethers). Not really tried them, and not sure how well they work in RSS/RO/RP-1 though.
  2. I just updated (and restarted) with Wacapella and SSS and get the same issue! Funny thing was that I didn't initially notice and thought I'd done something wrong building and launching rockets, but it's definitely broken as you describe. Personally I'm going to write it off as Kerbals not being good at early rocketry - I will fix it properly one day though. It's actually based off a manual fix here: If you follow those instructions you can fix it that way. Just need notepad or textedit.
  3. FYI: Noticed a recent regression in GitHub (I use main branch directly), which won't appear in the released version, so probably nobody else has noticed. But for those that live on the edge... https://github.com/CessnaSkyhawk/SkyhawkScienceSystem/issues/77 The symptom is every part gets an SAS Module, the suggested one line fix is included in the GitHub issue.
  4. RPM itself only provides some basic MechJeb integration. However IVA modders can use RPM to add to that functionality, but it's extremely rare for aircraft autopilot functionality from MJ (also MJ airplane autopilots are not great). You're probably better off looking into using kOS and kOSPropMonitor (which provides an in IVA console for kOS), and then looking at something like BakerOS (kOS scripts) or similar that can control Atmosphere Autopilot (which is the best) or possibly Kramax Autopilot (which is good). I've not found an easy solution to all of this, so I've never really gone that far (it's pretty complex), so I usually just use Atmosphere Autopilot directly. Note that MOARdV's Avionics System (sort of like RPM, but more complex) has more capable MFDs that include improved MechJeb integration, and some RPM IVA mods include some MJ consoles (eg. ASET). I'd also recommend Reviva ('cos I wrote it) which allows you to try out and switch any supported RPM and MAS IVA while in the editor or even in flight, might help you find something: There's a bunch of links and information in the Reviva README: https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/main/README.md Depends on what you mean: a) does RPM itself work if ReStock (or ReStock+) is installed: yes, absolutely b) are there RPM IVA which work with ReStock and Missing History / Restock+: yes, and in particular look for DE_IVA (adopted) which now combines and covers all of Stock and Missing History with decent IVA which will work too. The only minor issues I've noticed with things like Restock might be some slight mismatched geometry around windows: the internal IVA are designed to match stock, and restock sometimes slightly moves things - it'll work fine, just you might notice (I rarely do).
  5. For getting stuck on science, I find that (NOT RO) Kerbal Construction Time (strangely) can help solve that - you can invest in the Research part of R&D and earn science by building any rocket. Early in KSRSS career when science is low, I was churning out and launching Redstone, Vanguard type rockets and getting more science for launches than actual science on the missions. Obviously KCT means everything takes time, so it's not for everyone, but it was a nice bonus and made for a good alternative. I didn't need to do the early "suck up KSC science" (KSRSS disables that anyway I believe).
  6. I use Skyhawk Science System, and it had to appear FIRST, such that other SSS MM patches work. It may need to be duplicated with FIRST and AFTER[CNAR]. I'll raise an issue, unlikely to fix it soon though, very busy with work these days. https://github.com/harveyt/Wacapella/issues/1
  7. Removing it and then seeing multiple IVA switches means that compat is still needed. I was sure the most recent KSA IVA updated fixed that issue (?). https://github.com/JonnyOThan/KSA-IVA-Upgrade/releases - according to this that compat.cfg is not required for 1.6.3 or 1.6.4 releases, so do you have an older one? Possibly help is needed from @JonnyOThan
  8. Q0: Yes, that's correct IVA internal name. Q1/Q2/Q3: Yes possibly you need :AFTER[xxx] (where xxx is the Tantares mod name) or for now try adding :FINAL (only recommended for personal patches). Q4: Ahah, well you definitely need to add that, otherwise RPM won't be able to run. Put that inside the whole @PART block verbatim, as it's a new module (add, not edit). One way to see what's going on is to look at ModuleManager.ConfigCache, it's a big file so you need a decent editor, but once its loaded, search for the part and it shows you what MM has done in totality. Often that helps understand what didn't work. Oh and welcome to modding, it's entirely normal to spend hours looking at MM cfg files and not understanding how anything works. Much of the time on Reviva was this, and about 1% was actual typing/coding.
  9. Welcome to the forums! And welcome to modding too! Patches always welcome, you should probably start with the easiest, a simple ModuleManager cfg file patch that you can post into the Tantares forum post. If you want to get fancy, you could then try to extend it to be supported by Reviva: the ASET IVA and KSA IVA packs (the newest ones that have been adopted) both provide Reviva config, so you should look there. Reviva allows players to chose an IVA at runtime (in the editor or even while in flight), that way you could have the default or ASET (or others if you can find any, check the Reviva GitHub README). Again the preference would be for a MM cfg file posted to Tantares, the authors may then include it. You could get super fancy and use a GitHub Pull Request. Depends on how familiar you are with such things, and how much time you have. The alternative (less preferable) is to add support to Reviva itself, again a GitHub PR would be best. It's better for IVA mods to support Reviva than the other way around. If you ever go down the Reviva supported route, feel free to ask on the Reviva mod forum post for help.
  10. Questions like this really belong in KSP1 General Mod Development Help and Support´╗┐ - but I'll answer (as I wrote Reviva which does this kind of thing). You'll need two pieces of info: The name of the Tantares command part you want to modify. Look in GameData for Tantares in it's .cfg files for the right command pod, look for PART name = xxxx near the top. The name of the INTERNAL node in the ASET IVA from Making History pod you want to use. Look in GameData/HonkHogan for the INTERNAL name = xxx you want to use. Then make a .cfg file somewhere in GameData (in your own personal sub-directory is best), the name of the file can be whatever you want, but it'll have something like this in it: @PART[TantaresPartNameHere]:NEEDS[HonkHogan] { @INTERNAL { @name = KV1_IVA } } Replace TantaresPartNameHere and possibly KV1_IVA. This script basically says: "modify the tantares part with name, but only if ASET IVA (HonkHogan is the top level GameData name for it), and then edit the INTERNAL to point to the ASET IVA name. If you want to get fancy, then should install Reviva, and provide a config for the Tantares part. Look at configs like this one: like https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/main/GameData/Reviva/MakingHistory/kv1pod.cfg That'll be a bit trickier to get right though.
  11. Can you try: Edit GameData/Reviva/compat.cfg Comment out the lines at the end so it looks like this: // The KSA_bdb_lm.cfg had a bug which might add two ModuleB9PartSwitch and ModuleIVASwitch. // @PART[bluedog_LM_Ascent_Cockpit]:NEEDS[Bluedog_DB&KSA]:LAST[zzz_Reviva] // { // -MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]:HAS[#moduleID[IVASwitch],~reviva_keep[*]] {} // -MODULE[ModuleIVASwitch],2 {} // } Not sure why, but I suspect this code might be removing too much (it's not supposed to be my ModuleManager ability may have failed me). I think the newest KSA does not need this fix, and I when I tried to replicate I probably didn't have KSA (so wouldn't reproduce).
  12. Going to need logs to tell, but that error seems to suggest Reviva DLL itself is not loaded - B9 Part Switch seems to be saying "sorry, I cannot find ModuleIVASwitch" which Reviva itself provides. Look in GameData, there should be a GameData/Reviva/Reviva.dll - plus a bunch of directories like BDB, Stock containing cfg files. If you look in the KSP.log file, do you see "Reviva.dll" being listed as a loaded assembly? Depending on answers, you may need to try removing and reinstalling Reviva - also do you have RPM and MAS installed correctly? Also I recommend CKAN always, so I hope you're using that. Another minor possibility: does your GameData/BDB/sina_cm.cfg match exactly the following file below (no edits)? It's also possible that some ModuleManager cfg from some other mod is doing that, but that would require looking into MM caches. https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/main/GameData/Reviva/BDB/sina_cm.cfg
  13. I love all these U2 compatible storage solutions and System Heat work you're doing. Silly idea for UNK - "SAF", a "safe" with numeric buttons. It's just a small volume inventory, that safely stores small items from other Kerbals, with a Post-It saying "Secret code is 1234". I know there's a larger one, but might be useful when mass is tight.
  14. Thanks for adopting, and thanks @DemonEinfor this IVA pack. This IVA set is the best due to comprehensive coverage of stock - and having it CKAN will be handy. Shameless plug, but DE_IVA is supported by Reviva (and if you add in MAS - Avionics System, Reviva provides bonus variants with some upgraded MAS MFDs)
  15. That is indeed quite a thing to see a 5 year necro post by the OP. In fact, this is something new, it's a... I dunno... Re-animation Post? Frankenstein Post?
  16. Alternatively just install Reviva and this mod untouched and this IVA will be an option on the Mk1-3 Command Pod. Reviva is designed to allow switching IVAs, but it also has the side benefit of supporting some old IVA mods like this one without modification, basically because I was frustrated installing IVA mods (since I fly planes or manned rockets in IVA mode). https://github.com/harveyt/reviva/blob/main/README.md#dependency-summary - list of currently supported IVA mods, the table below shows all the options for each CM for each mod (Stock, Missing History, BDB, Airplane Plus mostly). Then there are tables for my votes on "best IVA for X". Works in 1.12.x, and supports both RPM and/or MAS, even both at the same time. I have all the IVA mods installed at once :-)
  17. Play testing continues, though I'm taking it far too seriously... . I've decided to also add some parachute and ejection progression contracts, safety is important. I'll likely include the following craft in the pack, though they require a lot of mods. I may also build some stock only mods and make a video on how to build aircraft to go along with the mod. Long term ideas, may or may not happen (and probably not soon). Bill ejects from test plane without knowing how to parachute... Fortunately Bill is an expert high diver, but is a bit miffed he has to swim all the way home. Which gives me an idea for another contract: jump out of plane without parachute and survive.
  18. Only one page back are instructions for KSRSS Reborn and Parallax 2.0 - should still work AFAIK.
  19. I'm currently testing Reviva, together with another new mod of my K-Planes (in-dev GAP-like contracts for plane building from early through to SSTOs). So you'll see updates as I actually use Reviva for real with various mods. I also released Wacapella, combo mod for CNAR and Taerobee which adds a WAC Corporal, for a good early career sounding rocket: Here's a cockpit from one plane, Warbirds IVA on the stock Mk1 Inline. Hopefully it'll inspire some non-rocket IVA designs :-) I also posted a rare video of flying the plane, using TrackIR and joystick/throttle. I tried some acrobatics with smoke - since the plane is based off a Pitts Special acrobatic biplane. I fixed the Mk1/0 Caged Inline so you can get similar for the Airplane Plus variants of that part. Makes for some good 1940s style planes, though the below is a 1970s style stunt plane I'm familiar with. The struts/wires and plane parts are mostly from Open Cockpit which is a must-have for biplanes.
  20. 0.8.1 Release - Bug fixing (2nd Jan 2023) Fixes: Added support for AirplanePlus Mk1/0 Caged Inline (same as Mk1 Caged Inline). Note that the part does not fit exactly and has the wrong interior window structure, but is better than nothing.
  21. Fixed wheels? Superb, I shall try this out also since I'm really into building planes right now. From experience wheels can cause the craft to bounce/explode or just drift on the ground (even with brakes) on, but a way to reduce this is to ensure that the craft has the wheels perfectly vertical. Use the Precise Editor mod: If the design is a tail dragger, rotate it into the orientation it will by landed in: move the craft down to the floor and rotate the command part so the wheels all touch, then ensure they're all vertical, repeat until it's good. My theory (based on some experience with physics in games) is that some wheel parts have rectangular collision boxes that are close to the ground end, and if they're not aligned vertically the ship will spawn with them inside the ground. Physics engines do not like a large amount of intersection and usually respond to such things with massive amounts of force: ie. kaboom. If you survive, the wheels on the ground will then slip because the collision box is inside the ground, so the physics engine will try to push them away (with some horizontal component) less violently, but will cause them to skid around even with brakes on. I've not actually confirmed this is what happening, I just know that usually the above helps a lot: no bouncing, no ghost sliding, wheels behave on take-off and landing.
  22. All the Start and Early contracts are present, and distance contracts now work (they were borked). I'm still learning how to do contracts obviously :-) 0.3.0 Release - Start and Early contracts second pass (17th Dec 2022) Fixed distance contracts, now seem to work better. Added Polar, Circum-Polar and Round The World distances. Some testing, but still not recommended for general gameplay.
  23. Some progress this weekend, all the Start (Wright Aeronautics) and Early (KACA) contracts are present and look okay (minimal testing), this cover most of the GAP milestones, but adds distance contacts. The OP now describes how the planet scaling currently works. The idea is this pack works for Stock, KSRSS/JSNQ, RSS or any reasonable planet pack, however it's harder (but with more rewards) for large scale planets. Real scale/RSS will be particularly hard contracts. There's probably still Kerbin/Kerbal specific concepts still there, and bugs, etc. Still not really recommended for adding to your normal game, as I'm not really testing doing the contracts, just making sure they look/read/unlock right. Next up: Polar, CircumPolar, Equatorial distances - for this I'd recommend a decent autopilot (Atmosphere Autopilot) and something that can up your physical warp time, and only trying this with fast high flying jets. It won't allow cheating (no going above Stratospheric heights). Shuttle Contracts: stepping stone to a proper SSTO is to allow your shuttle plane (which must have wings) to have SRBs that are discarded, and discardable fuel tanks. So this would allow Space Shuttles, but not traditional rockets. SSTO Contracts: derived from the shuttles, except you can't discard SRBs or fuel tanks. Payload Contracts: leaving something in space in orbit and returning. I _think_ I can do this by requiring a vessel left in orbit that only contains parts from the launch vessel, and the landing vessel is what's left. The payload mass is likely possible by vessel mass before/after deploying the payload. If I can't get this easily in .cfg files, I'll write some code to do it. Lots of testing remain: Actually testing testing with just vanilla KSP. Testing with modded KSP: KSRSS, *all the plane mods everrr*, BDB, Mk2/3 Expansion, OPT Spaceplane and a reasonable Probes-Before-Crew style tech tree (Skyhawk Science System). Likely I'd spend the most time here, as this is my current playthru set up. Testing a little bit with RSS scale planet (to make sure the numbers work only).
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