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  1. I made RO configs for Tundra Exploration's Starship. I tried to make it work with out a reaction wheel but that was pretty much impossible. It is possible to make it work without a reaction wheel but the fuel balance has to be PERFECT https://github.com/Suyash-Jevaria/KSP-RO-Starship-Configs
  2. I dont unity since there was someone who made a direct export to KSP. Look up "KSP blender .mu" on the forums
  3. I updated the github with the cfg files Also is there a place with some good tutorials and good documentation since I can't find anything online except some random info.
  4. Here is the .blend file Also how do you do fairing like where do you put the thrust transform and I can't understand how to use the ksp nodes thing since the coordinates are different than blender https://github.com/Suyash-Jevaria/.blend-for-help-
  5. Could I just send you the blend file? My collections are kind of a mess and the configs here are the screenshots
  6. Try to convert it to tris and then to squares that usually fixes the problem for me
  7. The fairings decouple then go into a crazy spin, I can only add one node in blender and if I add more the nodes disappear, and I can't get the nodes from the booster and other stuff to decouple.
  8. What would be needed to make this expansion work together with RSS
  9. Try out the base game in career mode to get the lay of the land and understand the concepts then try Realism Overhaul and RSS. If you need help with the the transition to RO PM me.
  10. If anyone sees this I need help with the fairings and decoupling
  11. I am working on a mod for the Neutron Rocket made by Rocket Lab. It is still WIP I am currently working on the second stage and fairings.For some reason the colliders got completely shifted and the same with the node and the fairings don't decouple. I am open to any and all ideas. I am gonna take A LOT of creative liberty since we barely know anything about this rocket. Also I need someone to help me out with the nodes and modules for the fairings.Here a few development pics: The part will be temporarily placed in the thermal section just to make them easy to find in de
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