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  1. i'll take a look into this thanks! i'm just not that known with the commands in cfg's just basic stuff but maybe i can find out myself if i try
  2. Thank you makes sense, I often change files inside mods folders that why i don't like to reinstall mods xD
  3. https://imgur.com/a/gLityoj what does this mean? i had this before with scatterer and it resets all settings if i press yes
  4. I have Kerbalism and Engine Lighting Relit installed. When an engine fails or get defected because of Kerbalism's failure rates the engine light for that specific engine will stay on even when it's not working anymore and shutdown. Is it possible to fix this?
  5. Is it normal in JNSQ to have signal thru the planet around here? it's clearly not in field of view for the space center. I disabled extra groundstations I hope my drawings make it easier to understand not harder xD https://imgur.com/a/2gVNCmX
  6. When I open Ckan I get something about meta changes in scatterer? The version didn't change, what does this mean? Should I reinstall Scatterer then and is this possible midgame?
  7. whoa nice looks really good! I wonder what mod list some people have, do you mind sharing yours? looks amazing
  8. Are you using jnsq? I think you mean your missing extinctionthickness in jnsq>configs>scatterer>planets>kerbin and set it to something like 1 or higher for each altitude setting
  9. Hey Zorg, I found something else the "Alpha/Daleth-SIF 0.9375m Interstage Adapter" have an option to Disable Staging but it's doing nothing. https://imgur.com/a/2JMkkIe
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