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  1. Pretty sure that this was another fool of 1st April....but I was the only one which yesterday while I was opening KSP, I saw on upload windows the nyan cat meme?
  2. Please no abbreviation if no correlated with KSP components. I can understand without issue english, but slangs and generic abbreviations aren't perfect with me (i'm Italian), so if you can explain what did you mean with IME it could be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I will test it soon!
  4. Hi guys. There is a way to allow communications with any antenna inside a fairing the I would made for rover capsules with Kerbin? I can't maintain deployed these antenna's from the outside and if I will close them, I will be unable to re-estabilished a contact with Kerbin, but if I would maintain them open inside a fairing shield after a certain distance became impossible maintain communication because" antenna can't communicate for obstacles (fairing)". Someone can help me for solve it? thanks in advance
  5. Volete la pappa pronta....I agree, as italian me too, these are the best words. I know that something like a game it required time, but @Laxez, let me tell you this. I completely understand the users which would see their next games be released very soon. However this "hype train" mentality which was appeared during last years for some elements, was caused expecially from the software houses. I can understand that there are some period of the years which are better for sell a new product, but in some cases, some announcements was made too early than the real day of release. Just take GTA series, how many of this series was announces soo early and they was released years later? For KSP2 however, I think that covid and some management issues correlated with the software house was the real reason for this delay. I think that they really working, but they was very unlucky. covid has ruinded their initial plans, and also some the fact that has forced them to replan their workteam, has caused these delays. And honestly, during past months I saw several interaction from some of them, so, I think that if we will lucky, they will accomplish the 2022 as target for release day
  6. KER? what is? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi guys, during last KSP session I found some issues with Delta V indicator, as you can see on this photo: Someone does know how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance guys. And happy new year!
  8. Ciao a tutti! Spesso ad un certo punto in modalità carriera capita di avere contratti che non soddisfano le nostre esigenze. Esiste una mod che permette di avere contratti più "decenti" e che seguono una logica migliore di quella che KSP detiene. Mission controller permette di generare contratti con caratteristiche che si desidera avere, permettendo quindi una modalità carriera più divertente. Tuttavia vi è un piccolo limite: stando a quanto detto dal developer in questo topic, la logica di KSP sul numero di contratti rallenta la generazione dei contratti on demand. Se avete molti contratti nel database già in corso, i vostri contratti su richiesta arriverranno dopo molto tempo, dato che la mod elabora la vostra richiesta come se fosse una ricerca di mercato per vedere se vi sono potenziali clienti interessati a offrirvi contratti con quelle caratteristiche. Pertanto non conviene avere molti contratti se volete crearvi i vostri. Ecco a voi il LINK
  9. Hi, just installed now the mod. I discovered the same issue and I do like you have reported to do here. Is very sad see this, because some of these contracts could be nice to do more often. I mean, today the majority of these missions are for commercial purpose for telecomunications services. I'm surprised to see that when it was release KSP, this element wasn't taken under consideration for the Contracts. I hope to see a better contract system on KSP2. Thanks for this feature anyway. Can't wait to finished my previous contracts and start to create some satellite networks!
  10. Definetely holy words. Mods will be definetely a factor which will determine in future the success of KSP2. If they will proceed againist mods, not only they will not maintain their promise to allow mods for the game, but they will destroy really the entire game. Mods are something which has changed a lot KSP1 about improvements. For a complex game like KSP2 you can't proceed with a mentality which refuse any collaboration about game extensions made not from the official developers, but from videogamers. As you can see from my signature, I'm an aviation enthusiast. I start to play with Flight Simulator in 2000 and after 20 years I still continue to play to that game. Why? If this feature was something which I had discovered only around 2006 with Flight Simulator X about the opportunity to add features which aren't official, this was an element which has determine the success of the microsoft series. Is a game where modders have definetely more influence than official developers, and just to explain how it was possible, I would focus about their last product, FS2020. CAUTION: IT COULD BE PRESENT "TECHNICAL LANGUAGE". When they had announce FS2020, it was a great news, but few month later a lot of players was disappointed about the intention to release the game also on Xbox. With former FS2004 and FSX released in 2006, the flight control system about instruments was really accurate, the only thing which wasn't excellent was the start-up process for the most advanced planes such 737-800 and 747-400, while on small planes such Cessna 172 this process was more accurate, also if not so much deeply accurate like it happen with payware planes mods which was released for these games from 3rd parts. FS2020 has improved a lot of thing about graphics but a lot of control system was intially criticized due to their concept, which was more something which has reminded more an arcade videogame instead a simulation game. Also the promotion was a disappointment. Several players has tell that it was a bad choice make promotion with some influencers which has talked about mainstream videogames, but they haven't touched a flight simulator any time before, instead to allow the "flight simulation influencer" to do their job. After one year however the situation was changed, a lot of players which haven't a real interest has leaved the game, we have in any case new members inside our community and also if there are some elements which must be improved, the success of this game was also determined from the intention from microsoft and asobo studio to allow third parts to cooperate with them. A news which has received a great positive feeback was the announce to support VATSIM (a multiplayer network which use realistic procedures and doesn't work only with FS2020 but also with Xplane Prepar3d and FSX) and other multiplayer networks since day 1. In addition also the opportunity to release freeware and payware add-on's was a key which has determine the success after 1 year, also if the start wasn't so excellent. And still today due to lack of mods it could be considered an uncomplete game, but in future the release of mods will definetely provide to improve game expericence. KSP is definetely a complex game like FS2020. A developer must be concious that also when will be released, a game like this cannot be considered "complete". There a lot of feature which could be added without problem, and that could improve the game experience. You can give some updates, but it will be necessary always the fantasy inside the mind of the videogamers which can give some improvements.
  11. A question about this mod. If I would leave Kerbol, which is its limit about the Sphere of influence? Thanks in advance!
  12. Is something that I had considered. Luckly the target for this mission was another, just send the module. Certainly I will add some batteries, just to be sure. I have already build a "new generation" of rocket, which could send also some cargo components in addition to Kerbalnauts. Probably I will add also some other living area's in the future, which will allow to receive more energy with some batteries integrated. Anyway, also if I do this yesterday, I reached Moho for the first time with a complete orbit around the planet!
  13. My Munar Gateway is ready for make some science now! We have launched the Science lab module!
  14. Ciao mondo, ho caricato la mia versione del Delta IV Heavy sul server Discord di Kerbal Spaghetti Program che ieri sera ho usato per andare verso Moho. Il razzo a carico vuoto ha un Delta V calcolato di 6605 m/s, che lo rende una scelta raccomandata per molte tipologie di missioni. Ovviamente se il vostro payload è dotato di motori, tale valore può essere incrementato in maniera significativa.
  15. Hello from Alien21 Space Agency! Is possible unlock also this space complex? Or you need a mod for doing this? I know that there are hidden space complex, but some of them I have already discovered them. Anyway, mission Kerboyuz MS-1 has reached successfuly from Desert space complex our space station after 32 minutes of flights and 1 orbit, and docked after 40 minutes since liftoff! Definetely our record. The crew will support the other 3 kerbalnauts already on station for achieve more Science discoveries.
  16. Regarding Cassini-Huygens, I'm really surprised that on KSP1 they haven't insert a KSP version of Saturn. I know that Iupiter is the biggest and we have jool, but come on! Saturnus is SOO amazing and so unique for his rings! Really hope to see something of similar on KSP2! Oh yes I forgot....they had already plan something about! Gurdamma!
  17. Hello Kerbalfans! So because I had already lanched some probes and rovers to Duna, Dres and Eve, is time to work now with my space station. I had undocked my capsule to allow the connection of new module "Kirs" (name not casual), and then reconnect the capsule. In this way Alien21 Space Station will be capable to host at least 5 capsules. And due to necessity of supplies, I lanuched to the station a Krogress with some science packs and new solar arrays!
  18. I launched with Ballistic maneuver a Proton Rocket to Duna with 1 orbiter and 1 lander. The Red Tandem mission will try to study more in detail Duna and also Ike!
  19. Hello guys, I have a question. The Mobile Processing Lab, which could be used as module for space stations, can give you an infinite number of science points or it have a maximum number of points? Currently I have a Space Station which I use only with the purpose to make some science points , but I would be sure that this resource could be used always, in every moment that I need. Thanks in advance
  20. Hello, it could be potentially the same issues for me? If you look this photo 1 of my turistic mission was landed definetely too far from the planned landing zone. I would avoid these type of results when I will do my missions from Duna....someone can help me?
  21. Alien21 Space Agency Report! Mission "Looking For Aliens" was successfully launched with a Ballistic trajectory to Duna. Still evaluating however the landing zone. Is recommended a Equatorial Landing or a Polar Landing as currently predicted? Feel free to give me your opinion about the potential target! The window launch for the most optimal flight is still not arrived, I had launched this rover previously than planned window.
  22. Welcome you too! Yes, is really hard for me tell how I discovered this game, but it was a nice discovery!
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