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  1. Hey there! Hope not to bug you at all, but curious as to how you guys are doing with bouncing back from covid and completing this mod! I recently got back into kerbal using some OPT parts to try to make some ships a la Stargate / SG1 / Atlantis, but after seeing even the few screenshots you have, it's obvious it'll be a huge game-changer for both large-ship and space-combat technologies. Thank you so much!
  2. Hey there! I love this mod! I like trying to use them on massive space planes! Which leads me to the following request: Would it be possible to reskin these hangars (and mounting options for the radial ones at least) to match the stock-alike MKII style? I know that must be tricky since your hangars are procedural and it's easier to extend a plain texture than a patterned one, but I'd love to combine your hangars with massive OPT parts to make a flagship that can deploy various vessels. Thanks for making this mod, and reading this comment! Peace!
  3. Hi there, I love you mod! I do, however, have a couple minor part requests! One would be something akin to the stock shielded docking port, but without the docking port: just a lid that gets out of it's own way, basically. I've combined some of the multi-adapters in OPT with some structural fuselages in order to make concealed weapon ports. I've found nice MKII fuselage covers like that, and I love all the OPT options, but there's nothing for 1.25M, which I'd specifically like for use with the J-MKII Adapter -- It looks great with some laser cannons in those side slots. Another would be a lifted bridge mount (I don't know what else to call it). The flagship I'm currently building is composed of OPT K parts with mounted H parts, then two long right-angle triangles with the correct rotation to make a beam for a lifted J-sized command bridge. It would be nice to get something that is meant for that task (including mounting points), either as a single structure wider than stock wings, or better yet as a platform with two such lugs, kind of like a US power plug, but instead of a cord coming out, it's just a 2.5M dick with a mounting point (if that makes any sense). Finally, I'd like to see just a few OPT-to-OPT mono-adapters. (K-J, J-MKII, etc). I do like the multi-adapters, and it's been very nice for both forward and rear weapons and radar mountings, but I'd also like to be able to make a more streamlined ship that maybe doesn't need those, and in that case I don't like just tossing nose cones on-top of those extra slots, I'd rather just not have them. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, even if you don't have the time to act on it! If you're interested in anything but I wasn't able to explain it well enough, let me know, I'll try again or possibly upload a sketch. Peace!
  4. Hey there, hoping there's some way to get access to this mod, or some information on how I can dig into remaking it on my own. kRPC doesn't scare me, but I've never tried interfacing with a device like this panel. How do I make it show what I want it to, for lack of a more accurate question?
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