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  1. i did what @jimmymcgoochie said and it worked! all parts are back, thanks! it took a lot of time to reinstall everything i didnt knew i was supposed to isolate KSP from steam, thank you for the help. apparently, USI is not supported in the current version, probably what caused steam to delete everything. i had to uninstall it. again, sorry for posting in the wrong forum and thanks everyone for the help!
  2. at first i thought it was CTT's fault, but it is not, i tried it without this mod. also, why spacedock? is it better than curseforge?
  3. yes, i am saying all parts simply evaporated, even when i research it. all branches of the tech tree are empty, no starting parts.
  4. career yes, im putting mods in the steam version of KSP. i didnt knew steam intefered with mods, i didnt even knew it was POSSIBLE to make a non-steam KSP. i play other modded games at steam and it works just fine. you suggestion looks very promising, i'll try that now, thanks
  5. i uploaded the log file into my google drive, can you acess it? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WpA2Zc3clXGYIwYsH-mboj3_PLmW_p66/view?usp=sharing this is huge, can you find where the problem is? also, here is how the gamedata folder looks like https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_uQ-AzKnbwCDIZY-L4lo7PrRR3n1dH9h/view?usp=sharing
  6. thanks! i installed all of them as i should, i guess. download 1 by 1 from curse forge and put the folders into gamedata. i know the folders are in the right place becouse at least comunitty tech tree is working... where do i find it? (and how to add it here) kerbal version- 1.11.2 -USI life support - 1.2.2 -community tech tree- 1.10.1 -Dmagic orbital science- 1.8 -Kerbal attachment system- 1.10 -Kerbal Inventory system- 1.11.0 -Kerbal planetary base system- 1.11.2 -stockalike station parts expansion redux- 1.11.0 -NF electrical 1.11.1 -NF launch veicles 1.11.1 -NF propuls. 1.11.1 -NF spacecraft parts 1.11.0 -NF solar 1.11.0 -far future 1.11.1 -NF exploration 1.11.0 -NF aeronautics 1.11.0 -NF construction 1.11.0 all of them are the latest available in curseforge. has anyone experienced something similar?
  7. hello, im new to the forum so sorry if this topic already exists or if it is in the wrong place i have recently downloaded a lot of mods and now all the parts are missing, including the ones from vanilla game. i have uninstalled the game, all the mods, all save files and reinstalled all again. problem persists. the mods im using: -all of near future (and far future) -USI life support -community tech tree -Dmagic orbital science -Kerbal attachment system -Kerbal Inventory system -Kerbal planetary base system -stockalike station parts expansion redux can someone please point out wich mod is causing all parts do disappear? i downloaded them from curseforge.
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