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  1. Whenever I have to launch payload i just strap a kraken drive to it and set the warp on it accordingly Come to think of it maybe i should ease up on the kraken drives
  2. I don't use windows I use Kubuntu, but the game itself is structured in the same way. Thanks, it must've gotten corrupted whilst uploading to steam - something IS wrong with my WiFi card. Anyway thanks, the problem is solved! I used some data recovery tools and got it back and now I have it backed up.
  3. So my main ship is a kraken drive SSTO. It took 8 hours to build and is shared on steam. When I went to send it to rescue a kerbal that got stranded in a submarine, I noticed it wasn't there. So I went to steam and subscribed to it. I don't know how to say this, but... It's still not there. And I spent all that time on it. It was, dare I say, a PERFECT kraken SSTO. And it's just gone. How do I get it back
  4. That's epic. Thanks for sharing that with us.
  5. Sounds like you're the "all or nothing" kind of player lol
  6. Post rocket building tips here! I'll go first! Try to make landers as wide as possible compared to how tall they are (i have a lander thats about 30% as tall as it is wide and it lands on any angle on the mun, id be more concerned about Tylo) Give landers as much Delta V as possible It's not nearly as effective to put boosters on the boosters as to have the lander on top with a core stage and inner boosters coming from the lander's fuel tanks and then leave a little room at the bottom of the core to put the outer boosters. Try to make your rocket somewhat short and fat instead of tall and skinny, this will especially help on less powerful computers to protect against the Kraken Struts aren't very heavy, they're a good idea Orbiting Kerbin before going to another celestial body is optional and so, despite needing more Delta-V to do, it's good for training to not do it.
  7. If Solar Panels are damaged, it will display a message though.
  8. Before I used a very short yet wide Kraken Drive SSTO to get everything where it needs to be, I built large 1-way interplanetary ships and 2-way Kerbin system ships. The SSTO uses a glitch and intuitive design. My old Go-To roekets have gone through hundreds of iterations so far. They were usually a tall lander strapped onto a main rocket stage with inner and outer boosters. How are yours built? I'm curious.
  9. No. However, if you have heat shields onboard, it will damage them by depleting a fuel type known as Ablator. Once you run out of Ablator, heat shields become mostly dead weight. Parts (apart from wheels as far as I am aware) can not be damaged without destroying them unless they contain fuel (such as heat shields) in the form of fuel depletion. 'But in terms of physical damage, your lander is good as new, just make sure it doesn't run out of Ablator.
  10. Yeah. Back when I started in 0.12, it was very confusing seeing as the command modules were their own stage. (what?)
  11. Okay thanks, now I can crash Jeb into minmus with confidence.
  12. I'm restarting my science mode save. Where do you think I should send my rocket first to get the most science?
  13. Before clicking, it's a rickroll isnt it Nope
  14. I5-3470 *chuckles* You would've hated my old AMD laptop. It couldn't even run KSP itself. It quite frequently got over 100C. It was so bad that it even destroyed a cooling pad by overheating it. That's like putting a fan in a room so hot that the fan burns out from the air temperature. That computer died from (and i kid you not) the case melting and getting on the CPU. The motherboard was literally black around its cpu because of how hot it got (these were burnmarks!) and they were also all over the bottom case's inside. I'm both glad and surprised that it never caught on fire. One time I spilled water on it while playing a game and it got no water damage because it was literally so hot all the water evaporated after getting in. The computer then started having steam come out for the next few minutes.
  15. Thanks! Now I know that I can shove Jebediah into Minmus and try to bury him under ice cream while knowing the computer is safe.
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