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  1. you can use DE_IVAExtension wich use Raster Prop Monitor, i'm planning to do a MAS Config for stock pods maybe in 2022 ( the time i finish APUS Shuttle system and VEXARP )
  2. thanks you for helping me, i managed to make the code work but now i have another problem ( i'm so sorry i'm too dumb too understand how to make the code but i want to make something really good ): when i want to play a sound ( commented --First Sound in the code ) is played well but none of the others PlayAudio work (even if i copy / paste the first line that works) Here is the code: Can you help me ( again i'm sorry ) with that ? Thanks for reading me.
  3. Hi, it's me (again). i'm writting a script and i need the script to wait for 2 seconds. i tried to make a function like that: function Wait(seconds) local start = fc.UT repeat until fc.UT > fc.UT + seconds end i also tried: x = 0 function wait(seconds) if x = x then x = x + 0.1 --The script should be run 10 times per second so the value of x should go up by 1 every second end if x > 60 then x = 0 end repeat until x > x + seconds end but none of this worked and it juste give me a initialization error, can you help me with that ? i also tried to play a sound with the lua script like that: fc.PlayAudio( VexarpIVA/VexarpIVACore/Sounds/Startup/warning, 100, false) and it doesn't work too ( an initialization error too and no sound played but the script still works ) i would like help with that too .. The whole code looks like that i'm sorry if i'm getting annoying by asking help that often Thanks for reading me.
  4. I need help again, i want a button to activate that rgb mode, i tried creating a prop, the action on the collider is: onClick = fc.SetPersistent("WRP_R", fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("VEX_RGB_RED")), fc.SetPersistent("WRP_G", fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("VEX_RGB_GREEN")), fc.SetPersistent("WRP_B",fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("VEX_RGB_BLUE")) and the active color of the pannel divider is activeColor = fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("WRP_R"), fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("WRP_G"), fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("WRP_B"), 255 ( there is the TRIGGER_EVENT from before in that pannel divider .cfg too) and the pannel divider don't light up at all because i'm not good at making props
  5. We tried to make a script but it didn't work ( This file is named RGB.lua ) ( This one is MAS_Script.cfg ) ( and this one is RGB_Backlight.cfg ) actually the lua code is not mine but one of my friend said he know how to code in lua because he play Stormworks and gave me this code i don't knowwhat is function.OnTick( ), i don't find it in the lua documentation
  6. Thanks you for replying me :). I would like to know if it's possible to create a script for a "rainbow mode" for the panel dividers ? ( like the rainbow mode on a rgb keyboard ( i know this is a bit stupid but help me please) ( i tried with a friend to make a lua code but we failed ) Thanks for reading me
  7. Hi, i'm creating an IVA using MAS and i would like to know if it's possible to create a custom variable for the color of panel dividers. I want to have buttons to change the color of panel dividers and i don't know if it's possible, can someone help me ? ( sorry if my english is a bit bad i'm french )
  8. Hi, i've made an IVA mod using RPM and with the update 2.12.3 the Mechjeb integration to RPM stopped working. Tested with version 2.12.0 and it works just fine. Is this a known bug ? KSP.log and Output.log
  9. Update for the Mechjeb bug: It seems that using the 2.12.0 version for KSP 1.11 fix the problem, i will try to search for a fix to use the last version of mechjeb
  10. i found a temporary solution: Use the version 2.12.0 of mechjeb for KSP 1.11. the game says that it's incomptatible but it works
  11. I have the same issue, please quote me if someone finds a fix to this so i can get a notification Thanks you :).
  12. if anyone read this, the Mechjeb integration to RPM doesn't work on my main ksp installation and on my developpement instalation, the MFD only says "Mechjeb Autopilot no found" I would like to know if you have the same bug or if there is something wrong with my installations of ksp. Thanks to anyone who will reply :).
  13. Hi, those ivas uses MAS and so, there is two switches to activate before using the MFDs, i quoted my previous post with an image of where to find those switches Hope this help you :).
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