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  1. The Wireframe mode looks normal (i think) but i think i will just re do it, made this a bit fast just after coming back home so i think i'll do it properly tomorow in the afternoon. wireframe view of blender: I think i just overestimate my knowledge in blender a bit but that's not a problem i'll learn more while doing it :).
  2. Hey, i started a bit of texturing ( and modeling for all the decorations ) but i get a visual bug like that: can someone tell me what's the cause of this ? i don't know how to stop this from happening (probably because i'm a bit dumb) thanks to anyone who will try to help me :).
  3. So i got the external models of the mercury capsule thanks to CobaltWolf , i have redone all from start to get it just right. I will probably start serious modeling after this week-end ( taking some time to rest a bit from the week). <base_model_with_visual_bug.jpg> Thanks to CobaltWorf for sending me the assets :).
  4. Oh i'm sorry i was talking about the exterior model, making a model of the IVA don't bother me, i just need the exterior one so i can align the windows, the models ..
  5. Hi, i'm currently making MAS IVA configs for BDB and i would like to get the source 3D model of the mercury capsule, if it's possible, who do i need to ask for them ?
  6. Hello everyone, today is update-on-progress-day. I managed to find a bit of time today to progress on mercury iva: Today i made the 3D model into KSP, and, done a tiny bit of texturing just to figure out how this works (and it's pretty easy, KSP part tool is actually very simple to use). Here is a look in the iva, the 3D model is just temporary as i need to get access to the original 3D files of BDB to fine tune the iva ( like the position of the window and all of this). I will probably ask for them in the BDB forums threads or on github tomorow. Note that i had to offset the kerbal view because their eyes are just to low to use the window properly i don't know if it's better to keep the camera at the height of kerbal eyes or to make it a bit higher. Here is in bonus some failed attempt: I don't know how often i'm gonna send current progress but i think every time something a bit interesting happened. Thanks you for reading me and good afternoon/night/day ( depends on when you read this and on your time zone) :).
  7. So, hello everyone and i wish you a happy new year (i'm a bit late but it's better late than never). I recently got back to ivas after learning a bit blender and all. (Actually i didn't wanted to start all again because i've erased all my hard drive but a very close friend said something like "you can do it, you're the best" and thing like that and it gave me the strenght to do it again. So thanks to her) Started Mercury IVA from scratch today ( like 2-3 hours ago) and after a bit of research i managed to make something like that: ( note that this is very early model and that it will be better after that, i tried to follow the picture sent by Spaceman Spiff like 3 months ago and the model from the game "Reentry: an orbital simulator" ( this game will be very helpfull to understand how i will make buttons and all ) So i think i'm gonna post updates more often here. (honestly i think modeling will not be the most difficult part of this) ( i'm gona say what i say in nearly every message i send on this forum: please excuse me if i've made spelling mistake <blablabla> french <blablabla> learning english (i think i'm gonna stop saying this)) Thanks you for reading me :).
  8. Hello, i had some problem with my computer because i moved my data to a new ssd and messed up everything so i had to format my computer so i think these ivas are going to have some delay. sorry
  9. Sure i would be happy to help you, can you send me a private message so we can discuss of this without flooding this thread ? (For anyone wondering why i didn't posted any updaglte for like 2 weeks is because i was very busy the first week and i spend my freetime learning how to use blender correctly so i can make ivas more easily)
  10. So i had a long day but i tried to do something anyway, i tried to reproduce the shape of the dashboard, what does you think of it :). ? (i've done this a bit fast so any recommendations is welcome)
  11. i finaly managed to get it right, thanks to Beetlecat i figured out that moving the model in the object mode of blender don't actually rotate the model for unity so to rotate the model i have to rotate the model with edit mode now it's time to take a break
  12. so hum .. if someone can help me with this orientation problem, where is the .blend file of the iva if someone wants to look at it ( this is the a really basic shape but i want to have it oriented in the good direction before starting to do something) helpmeplzthisisdrivingmecrazy.zip
  13. well i'm gonna need some help with the 3d model for the iva, I have a temporary 3d model to align with the capsule, and i can't find the right rotation for the 3d model, tried like 12 times and it's starting to annoy me a lot i get variations of that but rotating the model in one direction like 90 degrees in blender don't seems to rotate the model by 90, i'm very confused with how the rotation system works. can someone please help me with that ? Edit: i'm going to play beamng or stormworks or anything else for like an hour or something so i will propably not reply before like an hour
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