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  1. Hi, i have the same issue than HenriJayy, when i launch the game with GU it just make the whole computer crash ( the unity crash handler window opens then after like 3 seconds i have no more display output until i reboot my pc ). ( Specs: i5 7600k (4c/4t), gtx 1650S 4GB with 472.12 nvidia game ready driver, 16G of ram 2400mhz ) logs: https://www.mediafire.com/file/muhnt5gh2jyl44m/vexmae%27s_logs.zip/file
  2. you can use DE_IVAExtension wich use Raster Prop Monitor, i'm planning to do a MAS Config for stock pods maybe in 2022 ( the time i finish APUS Shuttle system and VEXARP )
  3. thanks you for helping me, i managed to make the code work but now i have another problem ( i'm so sorry i'm too dumb too understand how to make the code but i want to make something really good ): when i want to play a sound ( commented --First Sound in the code ) is played well but none of the others PlayAudio work (even if i copy / paste the first line that works) Here is the code: Can you help me ( again i'm sorry ) with that ? Thanks for reading me.
  4. Hi, it's me (again). i'm writting a script and i need the script to wait for 2 seconds. i tried to make a function like that: function Wait(seconds) local start = fc.UT repeat until fc.UT > fc.UT + seconds end i also tried: x = 0 function wait(seconds) if x = x then x = x + 0.1 --The script should be run 10 times per second so the value of x should go up by 1 every second end if x > 60 then x = 0 end repeat until x > x + seconds end but none of this worked and it juste give me a initialization error, can you help me with that ? i also tried to play a sound with the lua script like that: fc.PlayAudio( VexarpIVA/VexarpIVACore/Sounds/Startup/warning, 100, false) and it doesn't work too ( an initialization error too and no sound played but the script still works ) i would like help with that too .. The whole code looks like that i'm sorry if i'm getting annoying by asking help that often Thanks for reading me.
  5. I need help again, i want a button to activate that rgb mode, i tried creating a prop, the action on the collider is: onClick = fc.SetPersistent("WRP_R", fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("VEX_RGB_RED")), fc.SetPersistent("WRP_G", fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("VEX_RGB_GREEN")), fc.SetPersistent("WRP_B",fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("VEX_RGB_BLUE")) and the active color of the pannel divider is activeColor = fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("WRP_R"), fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("WRP_G"), fc.GetPersistentAsNumber("WRP_B"), 255 ( there is the TRIGGER_EVENT from before in that pannel divider .cfg too) and the pannel divider don't light up at all because i'm not good at making props
  6. We tried to make a script but it didn't work ( This file is named RGB.lua ) ( This one is MAS_Script.cfg ) ( and this one is RGB_Backlight.cfg ) actually the lua code is not mine but one of my friend said he know how to code in lua because he play Stormworks and gave me this code i don't knowwhat is function.OnTick( ), i don't find it in the lua documentation
  7. Thanks you for replying me :). I would like to know if it's possible to create a script for a "rainbow mode" for the panel dividers ? ( like the rainbow mode on a rgb keyboard ( i know this is a bit stupid but help me please) ( i tried with a friend to make a lua code but we failed ) Thanks for reading me
  8. Hi, i'm creating an IVA using MAS and i would like to know if it's possible to create a custom variable for the color of panel dividers. I want to have buttons to change the color of panel dividers and i don't know if it's possible, can someone help me ? ( sorry if my english is a bit bad i'm french )
  9. Hi, i've made an IVA mod using RPM and with the update 2.12.3 the Mechjeb integration to RPM stopped working. Tested with version 2.12.0 and it works just fine. Is this a known bug ? KSP.log and Output.log
  10. Update for the Mechjeb bug: It seems that using the 2.12.0 version for KSP 1.11 fix the problem, i will try to search for a fix to use the last version of mechjeb
  11. i found a temporary solution: Use the version 2.12.0 of mechjeb for KSP 1.11. the game says that it's incomptatible but it works
  12. I have the same issue, please quote me if someone finds a fix to this so i can get a notification Thanks you :).
  13. if anyone read this, the Mechjeb integration to RPM doesn't work on my main ksp installation and on my developpement instalation, the MFD only says "Mechjeb Autopilot no found" I would like to know if you have the same bug or if there is something wrong with my installations of ksp. Thanks to anyone who will reply :).
  14. Hi, those ivas uses MAS and so, there is two switches to activate before using the MFDs, i quoted my previous post with an image of where to find those switches Hope this help you :).
  15. I broke the mod with this update, 0.7 is out soon Edit: The problem is fixed
  16. The four black box doesn't seems to come from the the iva because it is not loaded when you are in external view (except if you use the button that let you see the interior) For the cameras, it's because the MFDs from Near Future Spacecraft seems to have some problems with cameras. I will update the mod today to add more alcor screens
  17. oh .. i'm so sorry, i never had any notification saying that someone replied to me so i didn't saw your message. I figured out by myself after a long time and released an iva mod after. Thanks you for trying to help me :), and, again, i'm sorry that i didn't replied
  18. Sure, i will probably release some configs in september (or this month i don't know)
  19. It's understandable, IVAs are extremely long and quite boring to make
  20. I thought there was working iva cockpit with the new 2.0 version of Station Part Redux (i haven't tested it yet because i'm on vacation) but if there is no i will probably do one .. i think
  21. Hi, i got some problems with KSP, when i launch a rocket ( or anything else ) at high altitude and speed the craft starts turning invisible when i zoom in. the bug does not occurs outside atmosphere. Infos: KSP 1.12.1 PC config: i5-7600k, gtx 1650 super (overclocked at +200 mhz core clock and +750 mhz memory clock) , 2x8 gb ram 2400 mhz, Windows 10 64-bits ( Note: i already had this bug on my old computer ( i3-2100, hd2000 and 8gb of ddr3 memory ) but i thought the bug was caused by the very poor graphic chipset ) Mods list: Video of the bug: Steps to reproduce: - Build a rocket - Launch it - Reach +/- 20km ans 1 km/s - Observe ------------------------ Player.log: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fhackrcy72f3s07/Player.log/file I'm sorry if i made some grammar error, i'm french and i don't speak english very good. Tell me if i have done something wrong
  22. I didn't noticed that while testing the mod before releasing it, we'll add those missing seats in the next update :)' I don't realy know if there are a fix to that, i only use the HullCam VDS cameras, you should probably ask to MOARdV Have a great day
  23. I already got errors like that, as far as i know these errors didn't cause any problems (I'm sorry if i have bad grammar, i don't speak english really good and i'm sick)
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